Tonight I got to attend a prescreening of The Mummy! And I am so glad I went!

Before I start with my review, I want to note that I have not seen any of the original series, except for bits and pieces on TV.

The prescreening was in 3D, I really shouldn’t expect anything less these days, and I think it was worth to see once that way. Although, I doubtΒ seeing it without would lose any value.

This movie had EVERYTHING I look for in a movie like this. I have a really hard time placing it in a genre, and I don’t want to look to see what others place it in. It had adventure, romance, and comedy; all of which were tastefully balanced!

Just when I thought I had the storyline pegged down, or thought I was prepared for a jump scare, nope… very well done!

I am not a huge fan of Tom Cruise usually (minus Rain Man), but he was quite charming in this one. His pretty boy features were not hyped up at all, which I created appreciated.

Overall, I loved the movie. However, there were a few added elements that I was just like… “really? You had to throw that in there?” But you will see what I mean when you go and see it! And you SHOULD go see it… in theaters!

This movie is definitely okay for the family to enjoy, maybe like 8yrs+! So I give it 🍦🍦🍦!!

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🍦= Good for a select few
🍦🍦= Good for most people
🍦🍦🍦= Good for EVERYONE