Being able to share your music with your children is a blessing in and of itself. One reason, because your never going to drive yourself batty with “the wheels on the bus going around” or “the ittsy bittsy spider” but another is because, you KNOW the artist. So here is my new music recommendation for the week!

I pick Avril Lavigne~! Not only because she is a self empowering individual in and of herself, but because she is a very good role model if you ask me. Personally, she isn’t an extremist in anything. Other then making sure you are yourself. That you speak volumes of who you are as a person and individual, not as a group or as a “herd” so to speak. Her music is unique but upbeat as well, most of the time. But sit and listen. Each of her songs speaks a story. usually if you look to see when the song was released you can line it up with an event that was happening right then in her life as well.

I will say, she doesn’t have a filter on some of her songs, so pay attention to the lyrics. You have been warned. 😀

BUT her music has personality. It can make you cry, and it can make you smile. It can make you dance, and nod like “yup that is exactly how I feel right now” and then you feel better. You know an artist is really good when they can make you cry during a music video. And to share a small story, you know an artist is really really good when they can make your 7 year old, who just started listening to her music TODAY cry by one music video. A 7 year old who doesn’t exactly understand the workings of the world cried to “When you are gone”. and she listens to it often.

But my suggestion to every parent, share your music. Save your sanity. you never now, your kids may very well share your interests, as I have found out today. But if you don’t want to share, show your kids some Avril love. I’m sure they will love it!