This is one of the best things I think this game has.

Welcome to my wedding I hosted a year ago in Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn. The reason I am blogging about weddings in FFXIV today is because i attending one today. it was very similar to my own. But it reminded me of it all. This game is one of the very few game types that let you wed another player in an actual ceremony. In the case of the picture above, it is the Moogle ceremony where you have to fork over 20$ per person (so 40$ total) but if you ask me, it is worth it. you get a mount and everyone attending gets a minion and this ceremony is beautiful in its own right. you get every little detail enhanced and all the stops pulled out.

There is a ceremony where it is free and one that is only 10$. the free is just that, with a lot less features and a lot less available slots to actually plan and time to have it. You get the basic dress and the basic package. You can only have the basic ceremony, no fancy flowers or music. Here you see a moogle in the background, the Basic would have a normal person standing back there in a cleric uniform. The rug would also be plain. The times available are times that are left over from players who have not chosen to have those time slots. So you still get to choose your time, just not get the time you may hap have wanted.

The Second package, the 10$ one, gets you more choices, a nicer dress and so forth. nicer flowers, the flowers decorating the chapel, the two person mount and so on. the dress and tux will have more detail and the chapel will be lit up more and be a lot more bright. guests will get a minion as well. Its very nice and there are more music options when doing it this way as well.

Of course the Premium gives you everything, the small details on both the tux and wedding dress can be dyed any color, the rugs can be changed any color, you can have moogles instead of two legged humanoid persons. All the music is available and flowers everywhere. you can float down in a moogle chariot and so on. you can choose any and all slots available for any time as long as another player hasn’t already chosen, and you can even set it out for a month, where the second package is only 3 weeks and the basic is only two.

All in all, I think the best part to all of this, is the friends that come to the wedding. this is only the second game I am aware of that does a whole wedding quest. As well as hosts a Ceremony and links the players together for all eternity until otherwise detached by a GM. Square takes marriage seriously. The first game I am aware of is FFXI, for weddings. Again, a Square Enix game. I am only aware that they have a wedding, but I myself, have never been to one, nor have I had one.

Before all this can happen in FFXIV, you must embark on a quest and pray to the in-game gods and goddesses around Eorzea. In the character creation screen, you are required to choose a god or goddess to follow. As you can see in the picture, on the left and the right is the glowing symbols of the gods. there are 12 in all. after your journey is through, you go back to the chapel and let the coordinator know you have finished and you begin the planning and the steps needed to set up the wedding.

As you can see, not all MMORPGs are all hard core. Every game has some fun aspects, and this one has a lot. It really is a game meant for casual gamers. you just need to blacklist any Elitists like I do, because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, in game or in real life!