So I was walking around downtown the other week and I ran into an old friend. Let’s call him Patrick, mainly because his name is Patrick.This is someone who I grew up with, was my best friend for most of my life up until a few years ago when I made some questionable calls and got all wrapped up in my head burning bridges. Anywho, Patrick just instantly started asking me about wrestling and how I thought the outcome of the C.M. Punk UFC fight would turn out. But it got thinking, when does wrestling become more then wrestling?

Not just in the sense of C.M. Punk making the transition over to MMA fighting but more in the sense of when does wrestling become more then just something you watch on T.V. twice a week and talk on the internet about? Prime example; Patrick and I used to spend money every single month for the Pay Per Views. Well, our parents used to shell out money for us to watch it together. We would have parties, get pizza, jump around the living room during the show, choke-slamming and dropping flying elbows off the couch, just waiting for his mom to yell at us. Hell, that’s the first time I every experienced being choked out hardcore. I still remember sliding down the wall half passed out half trying not to shit myself. That was years and years ago, but yet as soon as Patrick started talking about wrestling to me, it all came back as though the levee broke.

I think that wrestling becomes more then wrestling when it does more then make you yell at the T.v. by yourself. It becomes more when you can sit on your butt and talk to someone for over 3 hours about where you think it’s going and who is doing what. Kevin and I do this usually on a weekly basis. Or My wife, who used to laugh at me for watching wrestling, holding her breath before shooting off the couch in a fit of joy screaming for A.J. Styles. Or another example real quick. I started a job once, I knew no one, I was the oldest guy on the floor and was thinking about quitting just out of Awkwardness. But out of nowhere someone shouted “Oh you didn’t know!?!” And out of reflex I shouted “You better call somebodddyyyy” and we became best friends.

Wrestling and really, anything that transcends just being “your hobby” and becomes “our hobby” is something special. It needs to be cherished and ¬†embraced and squeezed and named squishy. So take that solace in everything that gives you joy. Anything that makes you happy. You take it and you run with it.

TL;DR:If you like something, wear that shit on your banner no matter what anyone tells you.