Square Enix is doing about the smartest thing possible. It’s building a universe not unlike what they did with Final Fantasy VII. FFVII saw a prequel game in Crises Core, a CG film Final Fantasy Advent Children, a shooter Dirge of Cerberus, and several other titles. The reason VII is so beloved is because there was so much to love. 

Now Final Fantasy is doing it all over again (not quite to the level of FFVII), and they are doing it in a huge way after what many call a failure in FF XIII and it’s trilogy. This isn’t a preview post or a review post, this is an explanation to why I think we all need to come back home. That Square Enix is finally getting it right once again.

In the photo above you will see the name KINGSGLAIVE which is a CG film that will run concurrent to the actual game, as I haven’t seen the movie I will be sharing the YouTube preview for the movie. I know I get it, a lot of FF fans are freaking out because, movies haven’t gone over particularly well but, with this film they are going all out. A few of the actors in the film Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad bitches, Sean Bean from Game of Thrones also known as the man who dies in everything. And last but not least Lena Headey also from GoT but, for me more importantly Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (if you love Terminator stuff, you’ll love this two season series). With a cast like that and Square Enix actually taking it’s time we have an amazing CG movie to look forward to. There is a lot to like about this preivew I would love to hear what you all think about it! Here is the link to the preview: https://youtu.be/XloUyuDHPNA


This one is a bit more fun for me as I enjoy a good Japanese anime with subtitles, but with what’s happening on-screen you have an idea of what they are getting at anyway. This is Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV and it is a mini-series that is currently being released episode by episode up until the release of the actual game. I will give a review of the first episode and it’s the shortest most poetic review you will ever read! It’s let’s you fall in love with the characters and tells you flat-out what each of their roles are. You learn that within just moments this group wouldn’t survive with the loss of any of them. Noctis the main character has decided to go on a road trip to marry his love since a peace treaty was finally agreed upon (or was it?) allowing Noctis and his friends to make the trip. As stated only a couple of episodes have been released but, I will attach the link to watch the first episode and I recommend you getting caught up, it’s a lot of fun. I would like it to be known obviously we own none of these videos or photos, we are just using them to speak on things we clearly enjoy. Episode 1: https://youtu.be/fsVhwsUFaDE


Well folks this is the main event, the game. Final Fantasy XV the game that we have been waiting over ten years for. The game that is going to bring everyone back to the mother ship, the game that will make Final Fantasy right with the world. A peace treaty that was all a lie to get the crystal. Noctis out on his way to get married, and now the next in line to the throne is on the run with his three best friends. It’s all short and sweet here. It’s a beautiful game, where the prince has to find a way to not only save his fiancee, his family, his kingdom, but also the crystal. This world, this world is where Final Fantasy needed to go, folks Final Fantasy went to Eos and to the kingdom of Niflheim. This is the mission, a mission we must take with Noctis. He’s the only hope to bring it all back together and to complete this circle! I can’t wait to talk with my friends after their trip to Eos, it’s going to be an amazing ride! Visit FFXV http://www.finalfantasyxv.com/ I’m ready for my trip, how about you?