Console wars have always been a battle, but has anyone really talked about previous consoles vs new consoles? I mean, we all have to take into consideration what we are loosing to gain the new technology in the gaming world. We all have to compare what games are going to come out for what console, do we want all the consoles, is it worth one console over another, is Sony going to put in a better graphics card, is Microsoft going to host new servers or shut down old? What I am getting at is we have always seen and compared the consoles of other companies, But have we sat down and thought of them against themselves? The Wii can back play GameCube games, but the Wii U can not, and now we know for sure the Switch can’t for their cartridge is WAY different even from the 3DS ones. For a while the Retron systems where able to play multiple system game cartridges, but now its next to impossible to find a good one because they seem to disappear so fast. And don’t get me started on the Nintendo Mini. Those things fly off the shelf. Give me a good Retro game store, I’ll pay the price for an old system and its games and call it a good day. Off topic. Anyways, Back to the original topic at hand. The Wii was a great system when comparing it to the PS3. I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t do the wand thingy too. Nintendo has always been a giver of the family type games. Multiple player, involve everyone, remotes through the tv screen type of games. Simple for non-gamers to play (like my mother) and children (like my 5 and 7 year old). Now with this new system, the Switch is at it again, but smaller. And a tad more portable.

So, the Wii U.

Simple enough. been out long enough we all know what it can and can’t do. But for those who have not owned one, a run down. It does not play GameCube games. So, either your gonna have to buy a Wii system (usually a lot easier to find at a yard sale) or a GameCube itself. Β It sucks. I kept my Wii because I have PLENTY of old GameCube games. (I’m a HUGE fan of backwards play. >.> you will find many consoles around my house because I wont and am not willing to give them up.) The screen/pad part itself is a portable-ish mini TV/controller. Usually it comes with a stick thingy (Stylus) as the screen on the pad is a touch screen. If you have tiny fingers or bony fingers, no need for a stylus. Or if your like my kids, you chew on it like a dog and finally loose it. So there isn’t any point in having it.

The games are normal sized CD type discs, or you can download things from the Nintendo E-Store via your Mii or Nintendo ID or Nintendo Network sign in. If games are bought on a console and NOT ATTACHED TO SAID ID OF ANY SORT, the next person to sign in, well…. those games are now that persons…… so make sure any games are bought under a Nintendo ID and not just bought on the console….. or you basically loose your games, and someone else can basically gain them for free. (Yea, kids account, I bought games on their 3DS, then signed in on my Nintendo ID… thought those games where attached to their account then they showed up under my name… that was a mess.) You can either play on the TV itself, and use the Pad as an extra screen for quick reference to inventory or other items or you can just ignore the pad (which I do half the time) and just keep playing. The pad plays its own sounds and some games are set where the sound is different on the pad then what is coming out of the TV. So when you are close to a special item or some evil monster is sneaking up on you, you pay attention to it, cause the sound on the TV will not warn you. The Wii U also uses the old Wii controllers for added players, but can not sync up to another Wii U pad. Which sucks…… because that would make it SOOOOOO much easier to play Mario Cart! Especially with my two cranky competitive kids.

The console also can house a SD card for more space. Unlike the PS3 and 4 consoles where either you hook up an external hard drive of some sort or completely replace the hard drive or with the Xbox where you just add in a special block that has a hard drive or use a USB stick, you just add and remove the SD cards easily after they are formatted to that system. They can also house saved data as well, so you can take them and move it to another Wii U system and open it to play your saved game (if your friend has said game) on another system to show your friends instead of lugging around your WHOLE system to their house. Similar to the old PS2 save cards. This also expands the amount of games the console itself can house and limits the amount of space it takes up in your living room. Thought the Wii U is still two pieces of hardware, a motion sense stick that sits around your tv, two power cords and chingus for the pad to charge on and the HDMI cable… which is still a lot of hardware…. but it still limits EXTRA hardware from around the house. Also, there are USB ports on the front.

As I’ve said before, the games can either be downloaded and housed in the console or a SD card, or bought on a CD type game disc. So either you can lug around a CD case or your console itself. That all depends on what you prefer. If your like me and at this point and time, where you have your husband that tends to go out often and share his stuff, you prefer hard copies of everything, lugging around a CD case takes up a bit of room so you have to pick and choose what games you want to bring along. If your pretty much by yourself, or don’t travel a lot or your a single gamer type family where the rest of the family either just sits back and watches you play, then downloading is probably best for you. Also investing in a games case or a portable gaming TV is best for a family like mine, just a small bit of advise.

Soooooo onto the SWITCH!!!!!! (yahoo! horray!!!! stupid Wii U)

The switch is a new console that just recently came out. So not many games to compare creativity to. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds does give you a very good idea of the graphic comparison and upgrades they have done between the two consoles. The upgrades done are certainly more travel friendly, but there are still drawn backs. Like, it is not backwards compatible….. so if you have Wii U games you love…. don’t trade it in. The screen again, as with the Wii U, is a touch pad… but no stick thingy (stylus) so be mindful of how hard you poke that screen… I would advise some type of soft tip stylus or a screen protector. I prefer those shatter proof glass ones (I’m sure ya’ll can imagine why *rolls eyes* destructive kids), however that is up to you. I am in no way telling you how to take care of your systems. Just some personal wisdom to share. The red and blue bits on the side, as seen in my picture here, are actually detachable controllers (yes, and they are about 50$ a pop… ;.;) there is a itty bitty button on the back that if your not careful, you push it instead of the button you need and POP! off it comes and your trying to shoot a damn monster and its like DAMN IT! cause now your all cluster fucked…… yea…. don’t ask. I died a horrible electrifying death in BotW…. stupid itty bitty button.

So here is the good part. The screens can sync together in a way. Basically you can “invite” or play multi player games together with MORE THEN ONE SCREEN pad. Or you can take off the side controllers, have two pads and four people playing. The touch pad thingy IS THE CONSOLE! pretty cool huh? Unlike the Wii U where the block where you stick the disc in is the console and the Pad is the controller, this is an all in one for a free for walking away kinda deal. Of course you go anywhere, make sure you take the charge cord like you would your phone. The best part, The kids don’t gotta fight! I mean check it, its tiny sure (that’s why I got that portable TV thing and a small HDMI cable. basically I replaced the console part of the Wii U with a TV :P) but, take off the two controllers, now its a two player portable console with its own kick stand in back (I bought the black stand its on now >< sorry it sits too far back for my old back to be leaning that far over) and now the kids have a game they can play ON THE GO! how cool is that? and all you have is the charge cord. No more extra stuff! and the cartridges? No bigger then a 50 cent piece. so you can take about 20 (of course I know they don’t got 20 games… just theoretically speaking) and your still not lugging around as much as a Wii U.

Like the Wii U, the Switch also houses an SD card. So again, simple as before, you can expand your internal memory with little more then 20$ or less. Many places have big SD cards for cheaper prices. But as before you still run into the same issues with the Nintendo store stuff. Make sure you sign in, make sure you buy stuff attached to an account, and make sure everything is in order before you do anything or have someone else sign into your console….. otherwise you may very well loose your games. Another small side note, you can only have One Wii (maybe, I don’t remember if the Wii counts), one Wii U, one 3ds/2ds system, and One Switch account linked to your Mii Universe/eNintendo account stuff. So remember your passwords, emails and such you set for all that stuff.

If you where smart and pre-ordered just the console, you didn’t have to fight my fight and look for one now. But now you may have to go back and buy a lot of stuff. Like, the console charger chingus to TV hook up (I heard some Switches did not come with one), the Joy-con, the games, basically they just squeezed a bunch more money out of you. The bundle I got came with all that stuff, but I also know in the long run it cost more. But with the Switch being portable, you get all the cool nifty carring cases and cartridge holders and such, the Wii U never came with any of that, not really anyways.

So Compare time!!!!!!

  • Here is a draw back to the Switch that the Wii U can do. When you connect the Switch to the TV, you loose the ability to use the touch pad. Sound gets turned off and it basically turns into a stationary console.
  • The Switch is more compact and easier to travel with.
  • Both have ear phone jacks so the sound can be played there instead so your not bugging people around you.
  • Both have basic functions, screen brightness, energy save so forth.
  • Both can sync for extra players, but the Wii U can only have one Game pad per console. The Switch pad is the console, so you can sync up to 4 game pads, theoretically (I have not tried myself, I only know of one other person with a Switch near me).
  • Where with the Wii U, as before, you get the extra screen for the extra stuff you normally have to switch back and forth to onscreen in your back. its basically right there. But the Switch you can get up and go anywhere with it and just a single cord…. where with the Wii U, your lugging around two, if not three parts, two power cords, at least one extra controller IF you have an extra screen for any two player games.
  • The Switch has cartridges where the Wii U uses CDs. Cd’s scratch and get damaged easily where unless your a murder of the gaming world, cartridges are durable and last much longer, and wont let a tiny scratch not let it play just because it wants to throw a tantrum.
  • Both can be downloaded onto with their internal memory and added to with SD cards.
  • Both have a way to easily transfer and expand, switch out so on and so on.
  • Both have a way of playing on the Pad/screen and not on the TV.
  • You can walk away a bit with the Wii U, into another room, but walk to far, and you loose data if you have not saved.
  • The Switch, you can take a 5 mile walk, if you have a USB charge cord, you can charge it on the go, and still be fine.
  • Price wise, it will be what it always has been. If you can get a Switch by itself, I’d feel lucky! I got mine in a bundle pack and paid close to 500$. The Wii U when it originally came out, in bundles was about the same.

But as time passes, older consoles that are still being made are always cheaper and pieces and parts are cheap because plans are sold or people bought the licensed parts, took them home, pulled them apart to make cheaper controllers so that the market had a more flooded system of parts. A Wii U controller bundle is about 30$ or 40$ now when originally the official licensed parts individually where about 50$ a pop too. The bonus with the Switch is the side controllers are a controller… meaning it by itself is a whole thing. so 50$ for one isn’t bad instead of spending 100$ for a whole set. The game pad for the Wii U isn’t an item I’ve seen sold individually anywhere. So, same as with the Switch, you break it, your basically buying a whole new console.

So basically, between the release of the Wii U and the stuff for the Switch and such if bought together, the price is about the same. The switch by itself was said to be priced around 250$ to 300$ depending on where you went and what their tax rate was so on and so on. but if you want the TV charge station/hook up dingle hopper and joy-con, extra controller so on and so on, your gonna fork out about the amount for a Wii U.


So this was something else that was brought up as a question, and ya’ll are more then happy to put your own input in, a friend of mine, after looking at my switch and she has a Wii U, asked me why they put out the Wii U in the first place? why not just skip the Wii U? We tossed around some ideas. her response was, maybe they where testing the market to see what the response would be for the Switch. My response was more of, it was pointless because all they did was cut off the sides and I think they released the Wii U as a proto-type for the switch because they ran out of funds. If you ask me, the Switch is the right step into the world of gaming. I believe the PS Vita and the PS3 or PS4 did something similar. But it didn’t work out right? I never had the money for both at the same time, so I wasn’t ever able to try out that feature. Being able to combine two things into one will take a hit on the Nintendo I’m sure. But if they keep up the hype like they have for BotW I’m pretty sure they will be just fine. Its been a long time since I have had to scramble for a console. Usually I don’t bother. I’ll sit around and just wait, because my rule of thumb is this, first edition consoles always have bugs and issues and problems. Red ring of death, software bugs, controllers not working, wires getting fried. Something always goes wrong. The last time I rushed to the store for a console, the Gameboy Color game out with Pokemon Yellow. I saved up enough of my own money to get it. I watch the sales…. I forgot about the tax >< Lucky for me my step-dad saw all my hard work and helped me as a reward. Yesh….. now I sound old >.> Anyways, there you have it, not a normal thing for me to post about, but it got me thinking the other day when I was talking to my friend and we begun to compare the Switch and the Wii U. Happy Gaming Everyone!


Next article will be about Twilight princess! I bought it in HD for the Wii U so I could use the Amiibo in BotW πŸ˜›