Sorry everyone that its took an extra week. Life happens around here with a 7 year old and a 5 year old.

Anyways onto the game.

The best part about playing an older game, or even a remake of an older game that still follows suit with the previous game is the amount of resources available to you. With LoZ: Twilight Princess, you can not only use old data from the Wii version, most of that data is also still current data for the Wii U version. But seeing as both versions of the game are still on the older side, both still have a mountain of online walkthroughs, you tube videos and other media available to use. Or, if you had a previous version, a physical copy of a game guide. People from Pro players to casual (like myself) can go from just playing through to 100% complete game if they choose, or like I’ve done on occasion, look up how to defeat a boss. No one is perfect in any means, other then being perfect in who you are. Because come on, who is better at being you then you? I’m certainly not a better game player then someone else, that’s for damn sure. I just play to have fun. Games where created to give us an ability to remember how to have fun. So remember to always have fun. And remember that in sharing that fun with others, many have made guides, videos and other mountains of information to help other players out of the goodness of their hearts. Some maybe for attention, some maybe for glory, but most, out of the goodness of their hearts. Because maybe they remembered what it felt like to try to figure something out and not get it. And maybe it felt right to them to share that information, as I do my reviews in games.

Now I’m still not done with the game. I keep getting side tracked (damn Poes can take their scythes and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine…..), but I will say I am somewhere between 50-75% done. I say this because I have 3 more bugs to find, a few more useful items and the story line is almost done. My issue is the small side quests I keep going off and doing. Poes, Bugs, Heart containers, Helping people, Bigger bomb bags, and of course, bigger wallets. I do love The Legend of Zelda games. They are not my number one favorite game of all time however. But the reason I love them is the History they have. In almost every game you can expect to run into the same thing everywhere, but god forbid you slash a chicken….. >.> Anyhow, again these side objectives are easily completed with the help of a few walkthoughs I have found. At the end, I will post the couple of youtube users and the websites I have been using to complete my game. As a thank you for your help, but also as a share, for other people.

Some differences I have noticed and read about (my husband played the Wii version of Twilight), the Wii U version has a LOT less crap to deal with. When helping the spirit guardians there are 2/3’s less scurrying little pains in the ass lightning bugs to deal with. and the last bug is so much easier to kill. Poes seem easier to kill as well. I don’t remember but I could almost have sworn there was also more attacks that you had to learn as well, and in the Wii U version there is only about 6. Right now my set task is to restore a lost memory of a dear friend. But like I said, I started to go Poe hunting. I’m trying to find one in a cave but at this point I think its time to stop Poe hunting and get back to the quest at hand. I can not for the life of me find this cave opening. I’m beginning to think I may be looking at an old Wii Version of the game.

The bonus with the Wii U version is the use of one Amiibo. Wolf Link opens up a secret cave that you can explore. They say you can go in whenever you want, but many have advised to wait a bit and go in a little later. The best part about Wolf Link is that all your saved data is in the Amiibo. so any time you tap it to the Wii U your stuff gets brought up right away, no going through the menus. And the BEST part of all?!? Once all the saved data is transferred into Wolf Link, his strength and hearts can be used in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds! how cool is that? I did try this, but my data didn’t transfer in, but he does help you hunt and fight. he Twilight ports to your location. But if he dies, you can’t summon him until after midnight the next day. bummer really.

So back to Twilight Princess. So to start the game, like most if not all LoZ games, you are woken up by someone. This one starts you in your own home. You are asked to help with a task and here you even start with Epona at your side. Though you have to go search for her. Once you find her, you have a small cut scene with a girl who scolds you for not taking care of Epona. (I tend to zip through these sometimes because my kids wont leave me alone, so I don’t pay attention to names). Then you ride Epona out to herd some goats. You go about a few days like this until the kids go get lost because they want to help take care of a problem the village has been having with monkeys. At this point you get a taste of what adventure feels like. Here is my tip to you. Explore and gather. sell what you think you can get on without and buy anything that you think is of value. Because I hadn’t realized it, the guy selling oil for lanterns was asking for 100, the reason being so, he also sells you your first bottle. Go freaking figure. I ignored him until I was trying to figure out why I had so few containers for fairies and such. Bottles are very useful in this game. So are red Chu goop. Avoid the purple in my opinion. and I don’t use magic yet. but I would presume blue Chu goop would be useful at some point as well. Bottles are key items to use in this game, I came to find out.

My other ultimate tip to any player for this game, always have a fairy or two in a bottle. especially for boss fights. It really does help, a LOT. My worse boss fight so far, has been the water temple fight. it even took me three days to get everything out of that damn place. I made sure I had no excuse to go back in there….. but three dam days. To boot, even with a few bottled fairies, I still got my ass smashed into the wall a few times and died. I think that boss took me out twice. And let me say, having a 5 year old little boy saying, “Look out mommy! He’s going to suck you up and eat you!” then scream….. is pretty damn distracting…… But eventually I did kill him. Thank god for a zora suit and iron boots. But do you ever wonder if those iron boots rust after being exposed to the water temple? I mean seriously?

But seeing as this is long enough, I wont bore ya’ll anymore. Here are the links I promised for the two walkthroughs and vids I used that helped me get the game where I wanted it to be. Credits to NintenU for the many indepth and to the point vids that you made. Every one has helped me figure out where everything is and how to get it. and Credit to all the people or person who made Zelda Because without these two things, I’d be lost.


Twilight Princess Walkthrough – Ordon Village