Hello everyone! It’s round Two of the over view of BotW and i figured id try to squeeze in a quick review. I am terribly sorry if its short. but I got screen shots!

So I know I have said this before but I will always say this, over and over and over again. Share your games, share your music and above all just share your interests! Honestly, when you share you can help someone else with the game…. or even better, help your husband in the game.. Or he can find something you haven’t found yourself and show you where its found so you can go back to get it.

Not a good shot, but that’s the Nintendo Switch BotW shirt for Link… I had no clue it was in game.

I believe I mentioned before that I bought the guide from amazon published by Piggyback for BotW. It has helped a lot. However I still end up looking up youtube videos for some things. Shrines are not the easiest thing to figure out some times.

So I did read up on the sword….. To help people understand something real quick, when you pull the sword, no it is not damaged. It does take damage like all weapons… But it “recharges” so to speak, fixes itself so you can use it again. Its attack power is 30. So yes there are stronger weapons out there. But now you are not left weaponless….. unless the sword’s power is used up. It takes about 7 or 6 minuets to recharge. Hope you can run!

To pull the sword you have to have at least 13 hearts. So I begun to search for shrines and explore to my hearts content. I found you could buy a home and display weapons. I also found you can mine a lot more then luminous stones with bombs….. And there are frozen mini rock monsters and lava rock mini rock monsters that like to chase you. The painter guy you helped find the Great Fairy Fountain? He shows up at EVERY HORSE STABLE! So if you want to uncover the memories, go chat him up a bit. He will tell you which direction to go. Stay clear of the yellow dragon….. He has floating blue electric balls that zap the hell out of you. He likes that snowing area above the desert. At least I figured out his nice hang out spot. Also, that is where the 8th Heroine is, if you haven’t found her yet. she pops out on the map too, just like the other Statues.

So the sword… 13 hearts…. Otherwise….. 

Here we see Link trying to lift the sword….. 

and here is another…. 

and one more…. 

and POP!

They make a really big deal out of this whole thing. Truthfully, I’m glad they did. All the Zelda games focus around Link getting the sword, in a forest where you can get lost, where it is guarded by either the spirits or the Great Deku Tree.

And you either get turned around and get frustrated and have to look up how to get to the Sword or you actually figure it out. In the end you feel really accomplished and happy and makes you want to play more. And the cut scenes make you feel like you really want to save Princess Zelda too. If you ask me, BotW follows very closely to the first game. Ganon has trapped the princess in the castle, her father is gone, nothing but a spirit now. you have to go on to different shrines to and temples to acquire different items to gain power to defeat Ganon and take him down. Yes there is a HUGE difference, I get that, but think about it for a minuet. I’ll wait ^.^

So the other day I had a theory and it proved so far to be correct. at least for my game. I would like input to see if its true for other games as well. Here is my theory. The white horse, its Princess Zelda’s horse from their memories. He/She hangs out around the horse monument statue where the memory is from Link’s past. The white horse is always there or at least not far from there. My husband is playing now so we have another game to test this theory on. I will advise that you need at least two full stamina bars to catch it. But does anyone else have any input?

So I have saved the Rito village Divine beast but I think I will still go out shrine hunting. I’m sure i will find more Koroks too. They seem to pop up when you least expect them. Top of Duel peak mountain….. in a river while your swimming…. in a cave…. up a tree…. I wouldn’t put it past these Korok to be on one of those dragons…. or in a shrine next. Right now, as I’ve not really not looked into the guide book either, I have not figured out how to travel up Death Mountain without burning to a crisp. So I shall run around to the 60ish shrines I have left, give or take, and get some more hearts and stamina. Hopefully by then I will finally figure out how to get up the lava mountain.


So until next blog post! see you then!