So, a hot topic in the gaming world is “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds”, or when using Google, BotW as it is referred to. Currently the only type of game in its class where it is so open world that you can do anything you want, including, but not limited to, going straight to the end of the game to defeat the last boss right after starting. I opted to go and rescue the party whom traveled with Link before his slumber and see what he lost and what his memory holds. As I’m more of a lore hunter type.

    (last image credit goes to Mizu Streams from Youtube. I have not found it yet)

I have found over half of Link’s lost memory from the pictures Zelda has left on the Skeike Slate and done some upgrades on the runes. Mostly, my biggest accomplishment was the featured image, I finally uncovered the entire map! Now I don’t have to go play “guess where I am!” when I go to look something up. Speaking of looking things up. I’ve look so many things up, I can’t even count the amount of people who I’ve used to go for walk throughs or to find something or how to make a shrine appear. Some are harder to use then others, where others have images and videos. To all the people out there who have made these things, you all rock. I know casual players like me sure do appreciate it. Even if its something small.

You know if you shoot this thing in the butt, it craps rupees….. Sneaking up on it is hella hard tho…

Anyways, if you just run straight for the end of the game, you miss so much content the game has to offer. All the extra things you miss, everyone else is talking about. You can say you played the game but did you really “PLAY” the game. I think its best to explore and examine, experience not the game itself, but what it has to offer. And don’t forget to cross dress. Any good game has you cross dress.

Not really but still. Its fun. I think BotWs takes what things like DragonAge had to offer a step further. I liked what DA had, in regards to your choices impacting what happened to the world, but to choose where to go and what to do is even more realistic feeling. Like Sims but with more of a In time feeling of progress. I’m sure many would disagree with me but I’m only able to compare poorly with the games I have played. I’m not a hard time game player. I don’t play as a career. I don’t play to beat a game, I play to enjoy it. So I am limited to my style of playing. But that’s off topic.

Being able to explore at your leisure and take pictures is a pass time I use to de-stress from the world around me in BotWs. I love the graphics of the world around me in game. Though at night when the skeletons pop up, could use less of that >.> my heart could too. There is a few things I have been able to figure out on my own. Firstly, Zelda’s horse, the White Stallion, hangs out around the horse statue from Link’s memories. All of Link’s memories can be pointed out in direction from the painter, who shows up at the stables across the maps. So if you want to figure out where to go, pop over to one and see if Painter dude is there. He will point you in the right direction. Lastly, every stable has a shrine near it. EVERY STABLE. so you can zip across the map easily. Bomb arrows are wonderful to take out guardians I’ve found out, but they also blow off any valuable part….. so use them sparingly. AND VISIT ROBBIE!! you will want to do this if you want to farm ancient parts.


I’ve ran into this guy twice. For all that is within your power…. stay away from him until it is time….. get too close and whatever defense power he has (some blue balls of electricity) will come flying at you. he seems to really like lightning storms…. and bridges…… and lake Hyrule… But stay away from him. His aggro range for those blue balls isn’t that large….. but its enough to have them start zapping you.

One thing I like doing is taking screen shots. Taking screen shots in this game is so much easier to do on the switch too. And its so much easier to explain to your friends or husband what it is your talking about then trying to explain it with words. Like the Blurpee. Weird glow in the dark blue bunny thing with yellow ears that craps rupees….. ya’ll wouldn’t know what I was even talking about unless you saw a pictures XD

So, as you can see I am slowly making my way through the game. I am currently tackling the task of helping Urbosa with her Divine beast (the second image, I can’t remember its name off the top of my head.) After this I will be searching for shrines. You need 13 heart containers to pull the Master Sword from its stone in the Lost forest… I only have 9. So my next task has been set out ahead of me. I also have Wolf link at my side, when I don’t accidentally blow him up with a bomb or a mini boss stomps on him. Oh, steer WAY clear of any cat/centaur things…..


Also, would advise making sure that during thunderstorms, don’t wear any metal weapons or shields…… otherwise your just gonna end up as a black smear on the ground.


If your a casual Zelda player like myself, or new, this game is set for both. You can enjoy the experience of a new adventure littered with Easter eggs, or just enjoy a new adventure of a new platform style. I see new things all the time. And I see old things and myths from the previous games all over the place. Here is one last helping hand for armor at least that I found while looking for the Lynel photo.

and one about weapons I tend to drift to from time to time. I ordered the official guide made by Piggyback. I’ve read the reviews and there are some pages that are smeared but we will see what my copy holds. I got mine from Amazon because it was the same price as going down to Gamestop and getting the paperback. Mine is also hard copy since I know my two kids will want to thumb through it. They love watching me play BotWs anyways. Here is another note for the books. Amiibos. Tho Wolf Link is the only “useable” amiibo in game, the others drop items and such. It is still useful to invest in them when you do see them. So don’t shove them onto a shelf and forget them just yet. And you never know, with what they have planned for the summer, maybe they have more you can do? Or maybe even drop more “unbreakable” items? Well, this is all for now. I may be able to do another weekly post, I may not. My husband will be home this weekend after a month being gone. So I plan on spending some time with him and helping him play games. He needs to be caught up on FFXIV and also wants to try BotWs. So maybe I’ll be able to make another post. ^.^ happy gaming.