I begin this game several times. Over and over I started it and once I was satisfied with one romance, I started a new game for a new experience. 

One thing I didn’t like too terribly much was the ending with Solas’ romanced. It litterly just hangs there. I mean, he just up and “poof!” Gone. There really is no end to that part of the story. At least not one I’ve seen yet. Kinda sucks really, I mean one second y’all get into a moment where you know he really does treasure your character as much as you do, you think all is well and gone. End cut off and no where else it could possibly lead. 

As for the game as an over all, I laughed and almost cried. I mean who litterly cries during a game…. ok y’all caught me. I shed a few tears, but only a few. However there was more joy in the game for me. The sarcasm, the party banter and the jokes and references to other things. I elected never to use the horse as a means for travel. Yes, this made traveling long and tedious, but with the right party members you certainly had top notch entertainment. Especially if you tagged along with Varric on most of your travels. 

As an over all review of the game, I’m bias. I own every Dragon Age game, even the horribly reviewed Dragon Age II, and all it’s expansions. Personally I liked that game. Even if the same map was used over and over and the story wasn’t exactly settled on much of anything. But this is beside the point, for I am writing for DA:I. So my overall thoughts, I really did enjoy the game. Origin says on the computer I’ve clocked in 140 plus hours. I wonder how much I’ve racked up on the PS3. Yes, I’m crazy, I have it for both PC and PS3. And before it’s asked, I know it’s available for PS4, but I don’t see the point in rebuying a game for an upgraded system when you don’t plan to get rid of the old. 

The ending of the game makes you wonder. When will the fourth game for the series be available? I know Dragon Age has many smaller games, expansions so on and so on. But what is Flemeth’s real goal? I mean we only know parts and pieces to the whole picture. Wonder if they will touch in it in the next game, and will it be the end? Or will a new crisis arise? We hear whispers of what may be a new game. But BioWare hasn’t cemented anything that is anymore concert then air. What do you all think? I’d love to hear anything in regards to the games. ^.^