So I have finally finished up the story line and I must say, many questions have gone unanswered. While a few have been answered more have become apparently obvious in what was thought to be an end now I sit here and wonder, what will happen next. First things first, I can never get over the scenery through out FFXIV. No matter where you go, it is breath taking. The first picture may look like a snow flake, but its actually a Salt crystal. the second is of some ruins in another area while the last is of a salt lake in a canyon of which the salt crystals are. Night or day, things always seem to change and there is always more to explore and much more to do. The game doesn’t just end with the story.

I will say that this expansion was much darker and defiantly more bloody then Heavensward or A Realm Reborn. More morbid and diabolical, menacing almost bordering insane on the antagonists part. When you do the Waring Triad quests it makes more sense when he’s contained Shinryu however, of which I was able to finally finish tonight as well. Zenos reminds me of a spoiled rotten prince that wants to feel as if he belongs and finds that outlet in the wrong spot. However that spot is the right outlet for his father, who wanted him to be absolutely mad and power hungry. In the end he calls you his only friend, because he finally found someone who is stronger then he, as his equal. Someone he never had before and he’s bat shit crazy…. Of which I blame on him having no actual emotional human contact. Like, he was totally deprived of being told he was a good boy for just putting his toys away.

The fall of cherry blossoms on the end of the game. But it is not the end. Many more things to accomplish and events to do. Side quests, other Eikons to kill, extreme modes that drop mounts, Hunts to go and scurry out of their holes. There is even a Foxy Lady that spawns in Yanxia. Here is a theory I’ve seen work 3/3 times I have tried so far. When you have finished the “Out Foxed” fate, go to the old shrine at 34, 13 in Yanxia. If the Elder spawns there, Foxy lady fate has spawns somewhere in the zone. As I have said though, I myself have only tried this theory 3 times, as the opportunity is not very often to test it. ┬áIt was something I read on Reddit. So far, I have not seen it proven wrong.






What will be in store for these two, I wonder? Kami sure works in different ways. Now that all traces of Niddhog are gone, where will our Azure Dragoon end up next? He was standing at the hole for Omega. I myself have not done much with Omega yet, seeing as I just finished the story line. And what of Gosetsu? I feel really terrible that he’s now stuck keeping blackened soul, Yotsuyu alive. Of course many people are talking about one or the other, revenge or salvation, but truthfully, I personally think both would be redundant. She killed so many people, and forced so many to work for her. All because of the way she was treated as a child. Chinese history stated that females where often treated as such. Japanese history as well actually. So this shouldn’t have been much a of a surprise to Yotsuyu and truthfully she should have known since it probably happened to her mother and her aunt as well. If we are basing Doma customs off of either of these countries as the flamboyant culture in game suggests.

As for my previous statement of being plenty more to do in game, there are Hunts and side quests, like the Warring Triad to go and farm for mounts, Extreme primals for mounts, special fates for minions or special items to turn in. So much can still be done. Then you have things like the Moonfire Faire! This is held every year to celebrate the ending of summer, right before school starts. One last “Hurrah!” kind of like a Japanese holiday thing that they extend to all the games players. Then the anniversary of the game will start sometime around Aug 27. The question is, what will the have this year. Last year they had the player do a performance on a small stage that portrayed what happened during the Calamity. Shortly after that is All Saints Wake which celebrates Halloween and then the Starlight Celebration which is Christmas. Sometimes in between they do mini holidays. A couple of years back they had a Yo-Kai Watch collaboration where you could get minions for Yo-Kai in game.


With new patches coming out and new ideas all the time, until there are no more players, I believe this game will continue on for as long as the story keeps players coming. Just remember, MMORPGS are full of all sorts of people, from ages 6 to 50, all races, all religions and all types of people. Be respectful to whom you play with. Manners go a long way. Your right, I don’t pay your subscription to the game, but many players know what a block button is, and how to report a player. I’m not telling you how to play, just reminding you that you know how to say thank you and please and that you can be respectful. May Hydaelyn watch over you in the realm of Eorzea, May the Echo every grant you strength and May your friends be ever at your side.