Welcome back to another eventful recommendation from Star!

As you all have now become aware, Undertale is out for the PS4 via the PSN store. If you where unaware of this, ya’ll are now 😛

Undertale tells a story of a human child who falls into the ruins below a cave. There the player is meet by a Flower and thus your story begins to unfold. The choices you make impact the story as a whole. The result of the end game, and the ending of that game shows in the replay of the game. The monster you make friends with, or decide to kill impact the outcome of the game as well.

The other unique idea with this game is the fact that you can gain all the experience in the world, or you can gain none. I believe that many games with the idea of choices may have been based after undertale, like dragon age where the outcome can differ depending on the choices you make. Games with choice based game play are more ideal for role playing games as stories never are told the same way twice.

Undertale was created by Toby Fox, an Indie developer and composer. The game was originally going to be short, and take only a few hours and be made in just under six months. However three years later we have a wonderful story, full of love and an overflow of feelings that many have flocked to over time. There have been several cases where the game has been pirated to be played on the PC to nintendo, but a patch had to be made for the ability to play properly.

I am still starting my adventure into the game but I also researched its history as a whole, and where the story of the story has gone. From Remakes to retells, Fan art to music have flourished like a garden of hopes and dreams, just like the game has. So really, the more I talk about it, the more I give away when it comes to the story plot.

I will say that making friends is key, and everything you do is a mind puzzle, either in a battle or on the ground. You can game all sorts of money doing so many things, and its great! Just remember to talk to everyone you see. Because everyone seems to have a different story and you never know who or what will talk to you. I ended up talking to rocks and a door when I was walking around the first town I came to. I even finally figured out that some monsters just need help instead of you having to fight them with everything you got. Like uncovering a puzzle or complimenting them or consoling them. It really is  a lot of fun.

In all honestly I like a lot of role playing games and prefer to give as many a chance as I can. There are plenty more out there I have not tried yet. Undertale sure was one that I didn’t get a chance to grow up with. This will be a game that my children get to grow up with however and I really am excited about it. It may be something that, just maybe, children with issues understanding that their actions cause reactions in the world can help them understand that actions they take have affects to the world they live in. Maybe one day games will help our children better understand the world around us. Or maybe we will just be sucked into a world like Ready Player One. Where everything is virtual instead. Its a really good book regardless. Should go find it and read it. Anyways, catch you all later!