A few weeks ago, I watched “Suicide Squad” with my girlfriend. We both fairly enjoyed the movie. The villains they had, all of their interactions with one another, jokes, and the small backstory on each character. However, there were a few things I did not like about the movie. the number one thing that bugged me the most was unproportionate Killer Croc. Killer Croc was a large villain with bulging mucles; but in the movie, he has a big head with a large torso and tiny arms. I get they tried to get a close enough actor for Killer Croc, but the fact he look very unproportional kinda bugged me. I do not know whether if it was the makeup or a body suit; Killer Croc just seemed really unproportionate.

Moving on, the entire movie seemed more Deadshot and Harley Quinn with The Joker. Out of the entire characters, Deadshot’s and Harley Quinn’s backstory were more prominent and completely blankets the other characters, making them just support characters. We did not get to see much of the other character’s backstory, just how they got put into the penitentiary. The Joker’s role in the movie seemed more forced onto us as a mean to show what The Joker looks and acts like. Seeing as most people with knowledge of Batman love The Joker, he seemed a bit forced into the movie and became a prominent character. I get that A LOT of people love the Joker-Harley relationship; but in my opinion, The Joker should’ve just been a side character as oppose to being a prominent character trying to get Harley back at his side during the movie.

Although Deadshot’s character had more backstory than the others, we are meant to feel sorry for Deadshot for being captured and sent away to leave his daughter that Deadshot is supporting. Deadshot being a father makes us pity him but we have to remember that he is a hitman. The movie puts a lot of emphasis on Deadshot being a fatherly figure; trying to make sure his daughter does not end up like him, making sure she gets the highest education, and finding a good career choice for her. If they did give Deadshot’s daughter all he wants for her, will that mean he would stop being a hitman? Absolutely not, it is in Deadshot’s character to continue on being a hitman and gaining money; he has to get paid big bucks somehow.

In short, the movie was good at best but not that great. It’s a good villain movie but the story kinda fell short and might as well just have The Joker be more promenant as opposed to Enchantress being the main villain.


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