You can sneak around Eorzea in any class. Even as a Miner or a Fisher, as you kinda have to just to get around some of the mobs to farm up stuff to level your gathering classes anyway. And then there is me. I can find just about anyone doing anything. Unless I want to complain or be lazy and invite you to party just so I can find you. I’ve found a few really nice places around Eorzea too, both in AAR and HW. And I’ve got my least favored zones as well. But back to the original idea of this blog post thingy.

No ninja can combat a target without proper training. In FFXIV it would seem as a good trip through the Rouge’s guild preps you for this task. However you can not start out as a rouge on a new character screen. It’s not made that easy. Lol. My suggestion, pick a class that’s starts in the city state of Limsa. You can choose Marader or Arcanist. Work on these classes until at least level 10, and once this is accomplished you can go down to the fishing docks and try to see if the big guy at the rouge’s guild will let you in. At level ten you can also pick up any other classes, crafting or gathering, and work on them to pass some time if you choose as well.

Rouges are not common criminals, but are considered the admiral’s shadow army. They work in the background to keep the peace but they also cause mischief and mayhem as well. The Maelstrom guards don’t get along so well with Jacke and his crew and begin to look down on you as well. Like most classes rouges and ninjas both use poisions which increase damage output. And both can use hide and move faster on a base line movement as well as take reduced fall damage as a base line percentage. They dual wield single handed daggers and have some pretty cool looking armory and weapons as well and flashy move sets to use. Rouge/Ninja class was introduced in patch 2.4, if your curious. ^•^ but don’t skip over the rouges story line to much to rush into ninja. It will make you laugh and it will also make you understand the Limsa way of a pirate ran city state. And you get to see a cooler side of the admiral. And Jacke is just all around fun. Also side note, if you haven’t already, head to ul’dah and get Puglist to 15. ^.^ save you some time.

Like most class sets, ninja has their eyes set on a particular stat, in this case, dexterity. This is also shared with Bard as well as Machinists which is unusual as both of these classes are ranged while ninja is a melee dps class. But more dexterity means more attack power which in turn means the enemies die faster. ^.^ To help with this, ninja also use hand formations called Madura. All I can say is this, set those things up so you can have your dps buff one way, then have it so you can push them the other way. So like > > > then < < < (as there are three hand signs to use by the time you finish out for a good dps buff) this way you get your buff one way, and your ground AOE the other way and be set! Cause any other way is confusing for me and I get the bunny! Who I have named the f-you bunny -.-

So, story line wise, I liked it a lot. Lots of old tradition to learn from. The creators stuck to the history and legends they have. Even the level 50 arfticat armor is really nice looking. ^.^ But get used to being called hatchling or chick or something along the lines of that. Cause the protagonist thinks your nothing but a new problem to easily be handled. No one way is ever the right way in thinking and no one way is right. But traditions can change even if it’s a little at a time. Remember what you have learned and remember that sneaking is good. Bats are bad. Really really bad -.- and bunny will just tell you that your screwed.

Your ninjutsu actions are all linked into Ten // Chi // Jin and then the Ninjutsu button itself which changes depending on the combo you’ve put together. This is why I advised to put them in an order where you know what you want and how you want it to go so that you don’t get a visit from Mr. Bun-Bun. Damn rabbit wears a special outfit. So I’d say pop him a few times for a good laugh. But when he starts showing up outta the blue, your gonna hate him just as much as I do. Depending on how you’ve put them together, you can blow fire out of your mouth for a fire aoe damage, do a ground damage over time, shoot up a torrent of water or zap your enemies with lightning or freeze them into a bind with ice spikes. Or tap one and throw a very large shiriken at one of them.

Depending on how you play, if your style is the same as a blackmage, you’d crank out about the same amount of dps. Assuming your item levels were the same and your play style. It’s not easy even for me, on dark knight, to keep hate when I’ve got both a ninja and a black mage in the same group dealing damage out. But the plus side is, dungeons are faster and when you have a spell caster and a melee dps, it’s better. More balanced if you ask me. And from what I have seen, even with a dragoon pulling out all the stops (because I have, edge of seat, watching my rotations, counting my cool downs) ninjas, at a lower item level, can and have pulled more dps then I ever could. So I’ve always wondered if there was something I missed. But oh well.

From my understanding there will be more of an intergrated story for ninja in the upcoming expansion too. So for those that have a good set ready ninja class, on ward and forward we go! And for those of us still working on it, we will be ready! And those who haven’t picked it up yet, be ready for some laughing and some possible crying but more of the what the hell is that guy talking about? moments. ^.^ but all in all, ninja is fun.