Well everyone, I did it. I revisited the original series. I laughed, I cried, I almost through my phone across the cubicles in anger. And now… I feel empty.

Instead of talking only about the last two books individually, I am just going to use this article to an overall review/summary of my experience.

JK Rowling has got to be one of my favorite authors of all time. She has such a way of developing a story, even through 100+ hours of listening. Wow! Did I really listen to that many hours? It surely didn’t feel like it.

Her character development is incredible. Her use of intelligent words, that made me actually learn a few new ones, instead of making me feel dumb for not knowing them. And the little things that are mentioned, sometimes briefly, in the stories prior, that make so much more sense later on.

I actually finished listening yesterday, but I had such a hole in my heart, I could not bring myself to write about my opinions. In all honesty, I wanted to scroll back down in my library, and restart the series over. It would basically be the same as after you finish your favorite movie, and watch 3 more times that day. *cough cough* Beauty and the Beast *cough cough*

Overall, the experience was truly incredible. I believe that everyone should find time to read/listen to the original series.

I am still at such a loss for words to describe this experience further. I would love to explore watching the movies again. When I do, I will probably keep a journal of the experience!