I did it! 27 hours of listening time, and I finally finished Order of the Phoenix…

It. Was. Incredible!

Like I had mentioned in my previous article, I had not been able to get through the entirety of OotP previously. I eventually skipped it and went on to the next… and I regret it, more than anyone will ever know!


Order of the Phoenix has been my favorite HP movie for a long time, but since I had not read the book, I could not say the same thing. However, now I can! And it truly is my favorite book!

OotP is the longest of all the Harry Potter books… But it is packed with so much great information! For one, we finally get a proper introduction to Luna Lovegood, my favorite character! She reminds me of myself, in so many ways!

When we first meet her on the Hogwarts Express, she is busy reading the Quibbler upside down. She reminds Ron that Padma didn’t enjoy going to the Yule Ball with him. She laughed way too hard at something. And she sang the Ravenclaw jingle when she was introduced to Neville!! These are ALL the types of things that I would do.

I hated Umbridge instantly. This has nothing to do with the type of person she is revealed to be later, and everything to do with how she carries herself in the beginning. I mean, my favorite color is pink, but she almost makes me want to change that… almost! The woman is absolutely HORRIBLE.

One benefit of returning to these books, after having watch Fantastic Beasts, is that when they mention creatures, I actually know what they are talking about!! Bowtruckles and Nifflers are mentioned, and I wouldn’t have any clue what to picture if I hadn’t seen the new movie.

This book contains so many little events, that either were left out of the movie, or didn’t leave a big impression in the movie to me. Chow’s and Harry’s relationship was a lot longer, for one. The Weasley twins made a huge spectacle and left school. Firenze even taught divination. I really don’t remember these things from the movie. Maybe that should be my next adventure, watching the movies over!

Overall, I absolutely loved every minute of this book! It took me about a week to get through it, but it was so worth it! I can’t wait to read through the hard copy of this one and write all my little notes in the margin for my son to read someday!