So I have had the adventure of playing Skylanders with my husband. This game is best played with another person if you ask me. It is a lot more fun when there is someone else to bounce the puzzle solutions off of or just to pick them up or pull them across the screen really. Or, if your the second player, to zap over to them because you just can’t make it across that jumping platform that keeps moving on you. And with over 32 original characters to choose from, who could resist?

The game features…. you guessed it, you! As a super portal master who has control over the Skylanders, a.k.a. Spyro, or any other characters you’ve bought to play with. I am more of a dragon person myself, but my husband loves Spyro. So I played as Stealth Elf and truthfully, she is more agile then a fire breathing dragon. (yes I know, shots fired) My other favorite characters are Cynder. But I will go into abilities of characters I like later in the blog.

The story follows as such, in a world separate from our own, characters called Skylanders protect the balance of light and dark. Eon, a force of good, and Kaos, a force of evil. These two are also known as Portal masters, wizards who can control different elements of magic. The elements currently available are Magic (purple), Life (green), Water (blue), Fire (orange), Undead (gray) Earth (brown), Air (light blue) and Tech (copper). If you’ve seen the Skylanders Episodes on Netflix, it also explains a lot about the back story. I believe the aim behind those are to explain what happens before the games. As there are also no Giants that have shown up yet in those, but they are beginning to start touching on the first game.

Kaos finds a map to an ancient relic known as the “Core of Light”. This object keeps in balance the darkness and the light of good and evil in the realm of Skylands. Kaos’ ultimate goal is to destroy the core and become the all powerful ruler of Skylands so that the skylanders stop pushing him around and making fun of him. Oh, and to make his mother proud of him. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? During a chaotic battle, Kaos unleashes a trump card and wins, flinging all the skylanders from skylands and to earth. The core of light is destroyed, also destroying Eon’s body, leaving behind his spirit to guide the next portal master, but ultimately making him powerless. As the skylanders float away from skylands, their powers are sucked into their bodies, but they become smaller and smaller, to the point of toy size and become immobile.

You as the player find them along with what looks like a portal and become a new portal master, and by activating your powers, you place the skylanders on the portal to awaken them. This sends them back to Skylands to protect their home and fight Kaos. You begin to put together the pieces of the “Core of Light” that are being guarded or was flung about skylands, defeat Kaos once again and save Skylands. Of course it isn’t that easy, As there are a TON of puzzles and bosses and things you have to do in order to gather what you need to fix what is broken. And like I said before, its a lot more fun when you can play with someone else then playing alone, but the game can be beaten both ways.

So, one of my fav characters as I’ve stated before is Stealth Elf. Similar to the character in teh Netflix searies but much more powerful. My elf has daggers that float above her head and attack, I can leave behind a decoy and sneak around for about 10 seconds. Elf also runs faster and attacks much quicker then most skylanders I own, and I own a lot of skylanders. (Just a hint, other then the racing game, I own all the others. and at least 10 or more for each game.) Her soul gem is regeneration of health over time in the original game, this can carry over, if you’ve found it, to other games. Most of her abilities focus on increase attack power or decoy and sneaking. Which I am perfectly okay with. ^.^

My other fav is Cynder, an undead dragon. She uses shadows as defense and can slip under the earth to use shadows to travel. Shoots lightening from her mouth and has a haunted ally as a soul gem (if found) to help her along the way. As with all dragons, they have a form of flying that is faster then most skylanders can travel by walking. Cynder can leave behind ghosts that when touched, damage those who touch them. Eventually she can turn around, hit one of her ghosts and turning it into a bomb and make it explode. Her lightning will eventually reach across the whole arena as well.

These are just a couple of characters, but each has their own personality and sayings they use. So honestly finding ones you like, its like finding a good pair of shoes truthfully. They keep coming out with new and improved skylanders, But you can keep using the old ones in the new games as well. Even if they come out with a new version of one you like, you can keep using the ones you already have as well. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is only on the PS3, Xbox360, Wii, Wii u and Nintendo 3ds, unless they’ve released them on the digital stores. But again, if you come across a green based skylander (the spyro adventure one) and you have, say Imaginators, the new one, it will work. They are programmed to work with the old skylanders. So don’t worry about the old not working with the new games. its just the other way around. You can’t take the Golden Queen from Imaginators and use her in Spyro’s Adventure. So all in all, this game is good for family time. ^.^ young kids and young kids at heart.