Resident Evil: Final Chapter was a pretty good movie to end the movie series on. The first few minutes of the movie however would have caused someone with a weak heart a heart attack. I do not know if it was intended to be loud or the movie theater I went to left it at a ear destroying volume, but it did made me want to wear ear muffs. Back to the movie, for the shear amount of time Alice had to get the mission done and where she had to travel made it so she had no sleep whatsoever and did not ran into zombies or blocked off pathways to make it back to Racoon City. There were a good chunk of action sequences, choreography, and we get more background on why the T-Virus was made for (in movie not the game). We also gained background on the Red Queen herself and as to why she was created. The returning character we get is Claire Redfield from he previous movie but we got no return of Leon Kennedy or Ada Wong. The movie ends with a breath of relief that the world will revive back but will take time as there are still mutated creatures and zombies existing  in other places of the world.

Over all, I thought the movie was pretty good. There are some plot holes such as how the movie started and what happened to some of the characters that were in the previous movie that made it to the end. It was interesting to gain some more background on the reason why the T-Virus was made and more on the Umbrella Corporations agenda. It is worth a check out if you are a fan of the movie series and want to see some really good action sequences.


(~-.-)~ Lester