Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 Remix came out last night via download release at midnight for the PS4 store. Being who I am, I pre-ordered it on principal. I would like to start this blog by saying this as simple as I can.

In no way do I want previous players who went out and spent the time to feel put out by this review. I also, in no way want new players to feel as if Elite players who have already bought and played all the games games to be bashed. These reviews are for all. I know the feeling of playing a game when it first comes out and feeling accomplished and on top of the world that you got to play it. But I also know the feeling of being unable to buy the game when it was first released and hearing and listening to everyone else play the game that you wanted to play. I believe that the Remix release benefits both parties. This being said and now off my chest, I shall move onto the review.

I had the chance to buy Kingdom hearts and even share it with my husband when it came out on the PS2 when it originally came out. I was excited because I have a soft spot for Disney characters. I was born on Walt Disney’s birthday so he soon became my childhood hero. But to my surprise was when I found out that not only did Square produce the game, they added their own Final Fantasy characters into the mix as well. Not only do you run into Cid, you run into Squall, Cloud, Yuffie and many others through out your time playing. My husband jumped onto the KH bus when he saw me run into Squall in Travers Town. Needless to say, we have been KH fans ever since.

The game starts out simply enough like many RPGs. The hero, Sora, begins his journey of leaving the island by collecting things to build a raft and stock supplies. Once these tasks are done, and hanging out with his friends, bigger events happen where the real story begins. You squeeze into a little hole that Wakka tells you about (make sure to always talk to everyone. you can skip over people, but you miss many of the characters from the Final Fantasy games and the Disney movies). Back int he back you find a wooden door with no handles but to your right is some picture you drew as a child. upon examination a dark figure appears and tells you about a destiny you have no control over. Once you leave the cave, you can talk to Kairi (whom you talk to most of the time to get quests to do around the island and to progress the story it seems) you end up in your room. While there you think about what you think is a small journey of discovery only to notice a storm brewing outside. You sneak out to take care of the raft you just build only to find dark shadows everywhere, just like the beginning of the game. Heartless are what they be called, dark shadows in everyone’s heart that take on a physical form, begin to attack his little island. Riku gets sucked into a pool of dark swirling goo and as he tells Sora he isn’t afraid and that Kairi is going with them, he disappears into the shadows. Sora on the other hand is saved my a mystical magic called the Keyblade. Upon its appearance you can now attack the heartless and actually do damage. Once you’ve gotten the hang of kicking their shadow carcasses across the beach, you can explore and see where you need to go. All the while there is only one save spot, in the sea side shake. so save often if you feel the need. Eventually you will end up fighting your own shadow again. this time you knock him off what is left of your small island only to be sucked up along with him to end up in Travers town with Donald and Goofy now looking for you.

However, Squall and Yuffie find you first after a couple of trips to the accessory shop, with Cid yelling at you all the while. Now, Squall can be beat upon first meeting him, but remember, if he does kick you sideways and backwards, it doesn’t affect the story progression. I was able to beat him this time. I wasn’t the first time through. Only because I got totally lost and gave up to go save for a second time in Cid’s shop. Of course you have to truck through the hotel and the Gizmo shop in the second district first, then go to Cid’s shop then walk out to encounter Squall. Wouldn’t ya know it that I forgot and just like before (because I had to ask the first time. I had no clue but thankfully a friend who had bought KH at the same time figured it out) I got totally lost. I probably made three or four rounds around the districts for about 2 hours before I gave up beating on the shadow heartless and saved. Go figure right? So there is your good laugh at me. 😛

I give a personal review to this game a 5/5 but over all compared to other games a 4/5. The story is a tad rushed to my liking. Many of the worlds have to be revisited over more then three or four times to finish things that where unable to be finished before. Sometimes finding your way around is hard, and there is no map, even on easy mode. Some people, like myself, like that. But for the general public, I don’t think that’s advised. You want people to like the game, not chuck their controller because they keep falling off a ledge due to Donald being in their way. One of the things I hated from before was Hercules’s world. I liked the arena idea, but there was no story. It was just get in, do your thing, Get out. Some of the story is smashed together too. So I am hoping that 1.5 will be more then the original KH. On easy mode, games should be casual. Not hard, but not short like FFXV either where it can be finished in a few hours. Not bashing FFXV, but the only thing I would have preferred is if the story didn’t take 5 hours to finish (before it’s asked, no I’ve not been able to revisit since the release much. Busy mom/school/navy wife life). So on an honest thought, I have high hopes for this Remix.

I’m currently working on Wonder Land world. But I can’t wait to save the princesses, the stars, restore the worlds and see what it all has in store for me. From my understanding, 1.5 & 2.5 have most, if not all the games from the release of KH to KH 2.8. But feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve not done too much research on that. However, with this Remix, you do NOT have to play 365/2. BUT it does give you all the cut scenes to watch, which is a bonus. Although I do have the game. This is why I said my statement at the beginning. Yes this remix is great for those of us who did miss out on some of these games, or some who can not find the games anymore. But don’t sell yourself short either. However, you shouldn’t rub it in someone’s face that you got to play. Instead, offer a way to share the experience, if they ask. Games are meant to bring people together. NOT prove who is better then another person. I hope to revisit this topic again once I have more time for the games under my belt. I would really enjoy others input on them as well. I’m only a few hours into the game, I have found 3 of the 99 pups from Dalmatians too. Its a start right? Who knows, maybe I can find enough Paopu fruit to share. 😀