So its been a while, Vacations and summer breaks. Things that happen in our lives that most of the time we don’t have control over. But in my case, I went to visit family I personally have not seen in almost a year. That aside, it is time to talk about games again.

Here I will share my experiences of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

One of the most enjoyable things I have found is the fact that most of the architecture and story are based off old Japanese stories. The Fox Lady, Samurai, Ninja, The governmental system in the land of “Doma”, its all based off of the old Japanese/Chinese historical events or stories that they hold dear to their culture. A lot of the monsters resemble closely (if the model is not a reused one from Heavensward) to the stories as well. I’ve always had a fascination for history, especially Japanese and Chinese history. I love how the buildings where made and how functional they are. Easy to replace a part of the floor instead of the whole carpet like what we have today. This is off topic however.

The story line behind Stormblood so far is as follows: you liberating suppressed peoples from oppression of a nation who think they need to take more land for themselves by thinking they are superior. For the Ala migians you free then from tyranny, and for the Domians you free them from one seeking revenge on her own people. To accomplish this, you must show you are stronger then all that stand against you, even the ruler of the tyrants oppressing the people. The prince of Garlean is not an easy opponent either. He defeats you a few times before you can officially face off against him at some point I’m sure. I still have yet to finish up the story line.

All this aside, as before you can fly, but unlike before now you can swim and dive. Spear fishing is new as well and a much enjoyable pass time for me.

You find out the lost origin of the Au Ra here as well. And you are introduced to a new race, however it is still unclear if they will make this a playable race. So far every race that is not considered a “Beast Tribe” is playable. So only time will tell to see if they are beast tribes or if they will become a playable character race type. Maybe players want them to be, however with how beast like they are, I don’t foresee them being playable.

One of the things I found highly interesting was that they brought a very diverse religiously believing group into the mix. So many believe so differently, yet as the player you are able to bring them together under one understanding rule. Its quite interesting. Its something to think upon even outside this game as well.

As of yet, beast tribe quests have not been released. So i am still plugging away slowly at the other jobs I have. I had somewhere close to 6 at level 60. From what I have heard, getting to level 61 and spamming dungeons is the best bet. but since Square did not put in tanks or healers this round, dps que is really bad. So I would suggest finding some FC mates that you appreciate and run with them. Or you can wait the year (or hopefully less) for the beast tribes to drop for quests. Would be nice to see them in less then a year, but you never know.

Enjoy the story, don’t let rushers and pushers be an rude to you. Elitists are doing no one any favors by being rude. Remember that DPS meters are against the ToS. So don’t go pissing anyone off. Regardless if you que up via duty finder or with your FC, if you didn’t want random people, that is what Party finder is for. Not Duty Finder, because you will always get random people. Everyone plays differently.

And remember, its not always another 18 year old playing behind the screen on a computer. It could be a 30 year old on a PS4 or a 50 year old on a PC. Just because everyone looks similar on the game, does not mean they are you on the other side. A female player could very well be a Male, and though they say hey are looking for a boyfriend, he could be single and 45 sex offender. Please be aware. Just a warning about interactions in the game. Not always is someone who they say they are.