Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man Tells No Tales never fails to entertain me and my love of the series. As a long time fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, this installment of the series was probably one of the better movies other than Curse of the Black Pearl. Going in watching the movie, I was itching to see what will this installment have. With all the trailers playing everywhere on the television, youtube, and facebook (all of which I use), I tried my best not to see any of them and wait until the day comes to watch the movie.

The movie starts off much like any of the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies, with the exception of At Worlds End, the conflict of the main character and the direction where the movie is heading towards. The villain is revealed and is on the search for Jack Sparrow for what he has done to them; humiliation, owing a debt, lifting a curse. After the reveal of the villain is a Jack Sparrow antic that leads to his escape of some sort. We are then introduced to the main heroine and the problems she faces. After a few events, the three main characters all come together and sets forth on a grand sea adventure. There are jokes that stays true to it being a comedic adventure as well as backstories of Jack Sparrow and his many encounters with various pirates, women, and other people. We get our pirates battle just as we near the end of the movie and to what they are finding, because they’re pirates and finding treasure is what pirates do. Once again, we get another epic pirate fight and the mythical treasure they were in search of.  The ending of the movie is bitter sweet as the resolution closes out the movie series. Like all the Pirates movie there is an extra bit after the credits.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable and well worth the watch. I enjoyed every bit of the movie and the main villain for this movie is surprising well thought out. We did get a history as to who Jack Sparrow was before and how he became who he is which bothered me a bit but I accepted his mysterious past as part of Jack Sparrow’s gag. I give the movie 3 MOVIE SCOOPS OUT OF 3.