Hey y’all. Ally here. Sorry I haven’t been posting too terribly much. I am a busy person most of the time. I forget to make time for myself. But that’s a small matter here. 
This blog is about older games. So what games have you played that you still love? Ya know y’all can leave comments either on Facebook or on the blog itself and we can respond? One of my personal favs is harvest moon from NES. I’ve never owned an actual copy of it. I was introduced to it way later. On a emulator actually, by an awesome friend of mine. He is also an artist now and is part of a different Facebook group. But we graduated together and are still close, at least I’d like to think so anyways. Anyhow, I’ve played most or owned most since I was introduced to Harvest moon. Then one day I stumbled across Rune Factory for the DS. I actually prefer the Wii version one though. I think it’s story is much more thought out and the relationship status is more of a challenge. 
Another great series of games are………. Final Fantasy. My first was actually Final Fantasy IX. I know most actually started with FFVII. As more games come out my favored characters change from time to time. Right now I really like Nyx from Kingsglaive and Thancred, the version after the Dragonsong wars. I haven’t yet played all the FF games. I’m currently a FFXIV player. I used to play FFXI but my biggest issue was when I did play, once you hit level 10, you had to party to get anywhere. That in and of itself was annoying. I stopped playing and I have no clue if any of my friends there still play. I don’t even know if they fixed that issue at all. But I’m really glad they never brought that mechanic to FFXIV. Personally I also enjoyed the story to FFXII as well and I am looking forward to many of the remakes. 
Of course no one can beat Mario in any game. I enjoyed every and all Mario games I’ve come across. I’ve even shared my love for them with my children. However I wouldn’t advise going up against my 5 year old son in Mario car on the Wii U. That boy can smoke my back side on some of the harder courses and laughs when I crash. Cause he thinks it’s funny. And most of the time it is, but there are a few times I sit there trying to figure out what actually made me spin out so bad. But when it comes to the classic Mario games I can awe him into wonderland. “Mom! How did you know that was there!” “I didn’t know there was a whistle behind that!” “Wow! Your in the clouds!” It’s nice to see that some of the old cheat tricks still exists in the newer versions from the Nintendo store. 
Then there is Sonic the Hedgehog. My son and daughter are always asking me to help on bosses. Apparently it’s not very nice that Dr Robotnic stole all those cute animals. My daughter is always running out of time because she tries to find every last enemy to make sure she has saved all the bunnies and birds. My son on the other hand speed runs it all and skips the fun hidden areas. When I show him those hidden areas and all the extra lives he’s missed he goes and pouts saying I’m way better at games. I kindly remind him that I’m not, I’ve played it before it ever came to the Wii. 
I have considered many times going back and hunting down the old consoles and games that we used to play on as kids just so mine knew how we played. Yea these new contraptions are nice for travel and such but the original thing is better. No need for updates, no scratches on disks, no batteries required for controllers, no extra wires for the tv or separate outlets being used. It was all right there. If the cord was too short, we could simply buy an extender. Controller busted, it didn’t cost us 50$ for half a controller to replace it. 10$ for a used one and we were back to playing. 
Now don’t get me wrong. I love the new consoles too. Graphics make you seem as if your walking right along side the characters, internet so you can talk to your buddies, no cords so you don’t trip people who have to walk between you and the tv. Bigger tv screens to begin with, enough said there. Sometimes I hate the updates the newer consoles have. A bad internet connection can leave you with a 5 hour update for less then 1 gig to download. Or your playing online, say it’s Destiny with your buddies and your internet goes out. Now what? Do you even have other games you can play without internet access? I don’t like shooting first person games myself. (Yes that includes the FFVII Derge of Cerberus game. Love FF, the first person thing makes me motion sick)
We do own an actual N64 with Pokémon stadium and Pokémon statium 2 as well as the Pokémon camera picture game. The kids love all of those. We also own a retron 3. I will advise that the retron 3 controllers never worked for us…. but they have connection slots for classic controllers so we use those instead. Works much better. And my kids. Lmao! My kids are so funny! “Mom….. where is the joy stick?” While holding a classic NES controller. Eventually they got used to the idea of simple controllers and it was easier for them to play. All in all I say bring back the real classic stuff. Not the mini or micro stuff. Just remake the actual NES again, make the Legend of Zelda so we can relive the “don’t blow into cartridge” warning while we blow dust off the connectors and play the games. It may bring the price on the old stuff down, but we’d be able to actually afford our childhood again I think. And share t with our children. ^.^