My Hero Academia is an anime that is set on Earth where humans are born with powers called Quirks. Humans manifests their Quirks around the age of 4 and can range from super strength, breathing fire, or becoming a woodman i.e. Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. The main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is a boy who just graduated from junior high and is attending the prestigious hero school U.A. Academia. Through out his time in the academy, he meets fellow humans with Quirks in hopes of becoming the number one hero. Before, Izuku was a human without any kind of Quirk which made him a regular human being. However, being Quirkless does not stop Izuku from becoming the number one hero. Izuku strides to become the number one hero and idol, All Might. Upon encountering All Might, Izuku learns the truth about All Might’s Quirk and his true identity.

The anime series is much like the Disney movie Sky High where the main protagonist is a normal person. However, Izuku later on inherits a Quirk and begins his high school life as a hero in-training. I highly recommend this Anime to anyone who loves superheroes and see what other kinds of powers are out there.