Truthfully, as a mother who is a geek and loves music, it’s hard to find music you love that your kids love that doesn’t drive you up the wall because you need to knock down 99 bottles of glue off it. Here are a couple of good suggestions for music and even a good watch for at home time, if you can spare 30 mins to watch Netflix every once in a while.

My first suggestion is Lolirock. Lolirock is about a girl named Iris who comes from another world sent to ours so she may grow up in relative safety. One day to be found by her friends to become the equivalent of a powered up princess (sailor moon references inserted here) to save her own world from an evil dominator, Gramorr. To find their lost wondering girl, her friends, Talia (princess of Xerix) and Auriana (princess of Volta) host a try out for their band. Iris’s powers come from her voice, the power of song, causing Β strange things to happen whenever she sings. So long story short, they form a band of powerful planet saving princesses and save their own world. The songs they sing along the way are very upbeat and catchy as well as full of powerful uplifting sayings. They promote friendship and never giving up on ones dreams all while not driving you batty with wheels going around on a bus. Lolirock is a French animation and you can find the first two seasons on Netflix. If your interested.

My second suggestion is a total 180 degree turn around from the upbeat vocals of powerful tech inspired songs. I first came across The Piano guys on Facebook. It was a YouTube video that was shared by a friend of them playing a re-composed song from Peanuts. They visited a nursing home and everyone, including the attendants where dancing. After that I begun to look into their songs more and let me tell you, my husband found gold. He found “The Cello wars”! Give y’all one guess what it’s a spin off of. If not, I’d suggest going to look it up because you will not be disappointed, that’s for sure. But recently they released a song called “Its Gonna be Okay” and more then anything, even if it’s been a few months since it’s release, this song still gives me goose bumps. It’s their first vocal song I’m aware of and my kids are always asking for it. I use the rest of their recent album, as shown in the picture, as bed time music. But I’ve also used amazon prime and their piano guys station for three years for music for my kids bed time. They can’t sleep without them now.

Both of these albums are available via the iTunes Store or amazon music store. You can also find their music videos on YouTube. Β And if you want any other child and parent friendly suggestion, ask away! I’ve kids and I have a whole list!