I talk about a lot of J-Shows like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, so I am here to introduce the very series that started me to watch J-Shows; Kamen Rider W. Lester’s history lesson; one day on youtube, I was looking up Power Rangers stuff and found a Top 10 Henshin video. Me being curious, I clicked on a video that was recommended on the side and was extremely curious about the show that had a man wearing a fedora. Mind you, I was in my fedora phase (still am) and had to find out what the name of the series was. Scrolling down the comment section, people repeated Kamen Rider W as the shows name. Without hesitation, I looked it up on google and what do you know there are a few sites that had videos of the show. I quickly clicked on the facebook link as I knew it was the more safer sites and began watching the first few episodes. The show took me awhile to getting used to, but it grew on me and got really excited whenever the main character transforms into the suit. For once in my life, I have never been invested into a series I had no clue of and became an instant favorite.

The show is part of a very long standing series called Kamen Rider with the first series being called… Kamen Rider that aired in the 70’s. Fast foward to Kamen Rider W that aired in 2009 and ended in 2010, it is the 11th Rider show in the Heisei Era. TL;DR lets get to what the show is all about.

The Show is about a detective named Hidari Shotaro going around the fictional city Fuuto solving cases that involves enhanced humans named Dopant with his partner Philip, who has access to the Gaia Library that holds all information on earth; people who are alive or dead, history, science, and other various tiny detail. The enhanced humans uses a USB device called “Gaia Memory” and transforms into what the information is stored in each individual Gaia Memory, i.e. T-Rex, Claydoll, Virus, and Terror. The Gaia Memories are sold to people from around the city that hold a certain grudge. The rampant Dopants causes unexplained phenomenons and thus the police are unable to solve the case. It is up to the detective to solve these mysterious cases before anyone else is hurt.

Kamen Rider W has an equal balance of comedy, drama, action, and life lessons. When things get tough for the detective, he always pulls through with his tenacity to make sure that his city, Fuuto, will not cry.