So my boyfriend is one that usually does this, but today is my turn~

As usual the accompanying background episode soundtrack was epic. I swear this Kamen Rider Series has one of the best!
So with that out of the way here is a question for all those reading this.
You guys know that feeling?
That feeling you get when you know something intense is going to go down. Like that dreadfully, anxious excitement that decides to make its home in the pit of your stomach sort of feeling? Yeah, that feeling. That was the feeling of the episode 23 of the latest Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
If you have no idea what the premises of episode 23 is supposed to be about here is a brief summary. Emu(Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) and the CR crew are given the ultimatum of stopping Kuroto Dan, who is better know as Kamen Rider Genm or by his immortal Gahsat Dangerous Zombie, in two days or they would be stripped of their privileges of being a Kamen Rider and the Cr would be shut down. Force with the choice to act quickly Emu and the crew head over to the Genm Corp, but Hiro(Kamen Rider Brave) remains behind to see if he could figure out why the new Gashat is not working.
As the episode continued not only is a new Gahsat born, but Emu is also force with a difficult choice.
It is a change that goes against his doctor code.
Should he save a life and sacrifice the lives of many? Or should he take a life and save the lives of many? Should he not kill or kill?
Watching Emu struggle was really heart-wrenching, especially since the deceased Kiriya(Kamen Rider Lazer) keeps coming to his and everyone’s mind. He is a doctor foremost, but could he actually end someone’s life? Overall, the episode was focused on Emu’s personal struggle with this choice. The episode also showcased how much Hiro’s character has developed thus far. He started off as wanting to do things himself and belittling Emu. Now, he is willing to cooperate with the other two and he has gone from questioning Emu’s abilities to become a firm believer in him. Honestly, I have to say he has become one of Emu’s strongest supporters.On the other hand there is Taiga(Kamen Rider Snipe). He is still same guy with his usual I-don’t-care-about-you-guys-but-I-clearly-do attitude. I don’t think this attitude of his will last much longer. I have a feeling that his character arc is coming up soon-ish and that it will involved his new female sidekick in some form.
So now on to what made this episode make me get that feeling.
What made this episode so intense was the overall fate of Kuroto, who has been our villain for this entire arc. What happened to him was jaw-dropping and eye-popping. I sort of get the feeling that the writers tried to make us empathize with his character,I honestly didn’t feel that bad for him. He was still spouting that he was a god. Even as his fate was shoved onto him he still had enough time to shout that he was the immortal Game Master. The man felt no remorse for what he did.I had expected something truly horrible to happen to him since his motives had been reveal for quite some time, but what had happened was something that didn’t cross my mind. It was truly unexpected. I’m positive Emu and the others were not expecting it either.
Then with the addition of another villain into the equation things are sure going to get hectic. More trouble, possibly larger trouble is heading towards Emu and the crew.
Well, that is all I really have to say on the episode. So here are my final words.
With only three Bugsters left to find the ultimate game Kamen Rider Chronicle is nearly complete!
The next episode will be a cross over with Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, which looks interesting. I wonder what sort of answers we will get?