When your playing games across multiple platforms it’s nice to have chat rooms. And friends with a good sense of humor. Whether playing Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft or even Dragon Age Inquisition, be they single player games to MMO games, being with friends that play games along with you is fun. You get to enjoy the game in a whole new way. And it makes some grinding for experience or materials go much faster. Because now you can talk about all sorts of stuff. From things game related to laughing because you where playing with your dog and scared him. 

It’s also nice to have a place where you can just talk to people. About every day things too. Not game related. Could be movie related instead. Or, in my case, a place to just have fun in general. To ask questions about up coming games and movies or to just catch up with everyone. I’ve a few friends I even talk to about books or manga. ^.^ yes I am a manga geek. I am not sure I qualify as an Otaku, but I have my range of fav anime and manga I like. Recently I started reading Love Hina. But I keep up with Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan on crunchyroll manga. Rav also gives me suggestions from time to time as well. 

Well I gotta get back to my dungeons, so may your paths lead you to all sorts of fun! Just remember that whatever your doing, it’s for fun and it’s not something you need to take seriously. Cause when you take things seriously, you loose sight of how fun it used to be. And you begin to hate it. So have fun! Always!!