Good Morning Call is a Japanese Drama show out on Netflix. It is a Slice-of-Life, Comedy, Drama set in modern Japan and follows the life of two high school students, Yoshikawa Nao, an air-headed easy-going girl, and Uehara Hisashi, the cool, good-looking smart guy, and how they live together in a two bedroom apartment while keeping it a secret from their school and other people. Nao and Hisashi are both victim to a fraudulent housing agency that took their money, closed, and ran. They both agreed to share the apartment as long as they pay for the rent. They’re daily high school life proceeds as normal as Nao’s friends found out Nao is living with Hisashi and promise to never mention Nao and Hisashi are living together. Eventually, Nao’s and Hisashi’s friends and family finds out but convinced them that there was nothing going on between them. However, Hisashi does have growing feelings for Nao but denies it even though he has shown to care for Nao. Nao, on the other hand, has definite feelings for Hisashi even though she hated Hisashi from the beginning but begins to see Hisashi’s kindness and concerns.As the drama show is based on a manga, it is confirmed that there will be a season 2 coming early spring 2017.

I don’t normally watch drama series, but when I do, they intrigue either because the story is interesting or the characters are interesting. As this is my second Japanese Drama series I have watched, Mei-Chan’s Butler being my first, I can say this is an enjoyable drama to watch. The episodes are around an hour to watch but each episodes are worth the hour of watching. though its only 17 episodes long for the first season, the second season will hold more drama and comedy to come.

(~-.-)~ Lester