GO GO POWER RANGERS!!! Yes, it is here finally. With all the trailer hypage and trying not to watch too much into each different trailers, I have seen the movie and I have fairly enjoyed it. The plot of movie was not all that bad and completely different. Each individual character had their own problems (spoilers):Jason having to deal with meeting expectations of his father, Billy being an autistic individual, Kimberly having to cope with a personal problem, Zach caring for his mother with a major health issue, and Trini conflicted with her sexuality and how to come out to her parents. Just like in the show they all do not have any idea who each other are and progressively learn more about each other. However, unlike in the show, the Power Rangers were an alien team fighting to protect the life of the planet, a crystal. The team was defeated and the Red Ranger made a last desperate attempt to stop the evil Rita Repulsa from taking the crystal by having a meteor strike down on Earth and knock Rita unconscious for millions of years.

The characters for each ranger are completely different from their original television show counterpart. Jason is a well-known high school quarterback as oppose to a karate practitioner. Kimberly is a cheerleader rather than a gymnast. Billy is still a science nerd but more on finding new things than making inventions. Zach is a caring, free spirit that is crazy enough to do anything rather than being the dancer. Trini is a sexually conflicted individual with problems with her parents in polar opposite of caring for her family. Zordon is a complete 180 of himself from being an entity full of wisdom to being an entity that is hell bent on destroying Rita for good.

There are a lot of funny parts in the movie which is like the show itself and had some serious moments also. What I personally like was how bold they went with the movie, showing what life was like for teenagers from different social standings, their take on how the Power Rangers are formed, and how much evil Rita they put into her character. Though there are a few things that I did not like.  Zordon could have been done differently than being the needle mold you would push against and leave it still. The Putties looked more like golems but then again it would not make sense as to how Rita is able to summon a mass army. I did not like how they (SPOILER) magically transported the teens from a car wreck to their house. All in all, the movie is fairly enjoyable for both kids and the 90’s kids.

Lester (~-.-)~