I MEAN IT!! Rotten Tomatoes did NOT lie with this one!!

I am writing this review, hours after leaving the theater. I usually don’t make it to the theater to see thrillers, but I am so glad I went and saw this one!

Here is the deal… just when you think you have the full thing figured out, nope…they throw twist after twist at you…

It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time…my eyes were glued to the screen. Even when I wanted to look away, which a couple of times I wanted to, I COULDN’T.


Just look at this movie poster!


***The following may contain spoilers…IT DEFINITELY DOES, ACTUALLY!***

It starts out with a random black guy just walking along a street, talking on his phone. He is saying how the place seems creepy and he can’t figure out where he is supposed to go. Then this expensive car rolls up, and starts creeping along behind him. He keeps walking, then decides to turn around and give up his search, only for the car to stop.

Next thing we see is the car door open, but no movement, then the guy gets strangled by someone wearing a knights helmet. He gets dragged into the back of the car, and that’s it…movie’s over.

Okay, so it’s not.

Jump over to the characters we came to see…

We get introduced to the main guy’s best friend, who is an awesome TSA worker, find out the main guy is a photographer, and that’s about all the set-up they give.

The main guy and girl are packing for the weekend away with her family, and he is concerned about the fact that he’s black, but she reassures him that it is no big deal. They get in the car and hit the road.

The whole way there, the best friend keeps saying that the main guy is making a big mistake by going to a white girl’s house, but he doesn’t care…he’s in LOVE.

They get to the house, and the family is extremely weird, but more just too interested in the fact that he is black, like they want to know what it’s like to be black. The parents say how great it is that the main guy and gal could be there for the get together, and the main girl is annoyed that it was THAT weekend.

This all seems normal right…

Well the main guy meets a couple of other black people who all seem extremely off…and he starts to get concerned. He calls his friend to try to get some guidance.

For more than that… you are going to have to just see the movie… but it is GOOD!!