Hello one, Hello all, HELLO GAMERS!

So….. I’m about to finish up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and let me say, its been a real nice trip down memory lane. I will advise that this will have some spoilers so if you do not want to have the game spoiled, DO NOT READ THIS POST!!!! okay? good….




Now that is outta the way, as I’ve said before, I am almost done. I have re-entered Hallow Baston. I have figured out what all those funny “Trinity” symbols are and most of them are NOT easy to get to. Let me tell you. Double jumps and Gliding and so on and so on. wow… I forgot how much work it is to finish EVERYTHING in the game. BUT the rewards are worth the effort if you want to spend god awful amounts of time in Wonderland trying to knock Donald off the faucet just to jump across the gap without glide to get to the other side. I think that took me two hours before I understood how much easier that would have been if I had the other abilities. -.- go figure right?

Swimming with Ariel was still the best though. Reminds me of flying in FFXIV. Up and down, while going left and right to get where you are going. However I chose to be weak in magic.. so opening some of those clams was a pain. Now being in Halloween town was a blast! I loved it there like always. I love puzzles but they could have done without the Russian roulette at the boss…. That was a pain because you can’t exactly see where he is and where you are on the board down below. Plus when you hit the button to go up it also puts bars up. and if he’s on a different part of the platform, well your screwed.

the one world I hated the most was the coliseum. Come here, do a round go away until we call you back. Go do a world or two, “Oh hey, they are having another round at the Coliseum!” Go do that, okay great now go away. So you go about the game some more, Build a Gummi ship or two. Continue on your way and they go “Oh hey” and your like “go the fuck away!” but they are like “You gotta go do this” so your like “fine” so you do and they say okay your awesome, now go find some more key holes to close up. So you are about to go bash your head against Hallow Baston and they go “there is a surprise competition at the Coliseum!” and your like “Seriously! it can just burn into pieces now!” but once you finish that fourth one, you can close the key hole and NEVER visit again, unless you want to get a better score against yourself. I seriously HATE the Coliseum.

I’m still missing about 16 or so Dalmatian pups though. 3 of them being in the whale. I may have to find an old walkthrough or something to see if i can find them. Speaking of walkthroughs, if your stuck, a lot of the old walkthroughs will work. I haven’t seen anything in the old 1.5 walkthroughs that hasn’t helped me now in the new release of the game. The only new thing I had noticed from the first time I played (which was the original release) was the Trinity symbols. I never bothered with the re-released version before. So I’m unsure of anything new since its re-re-release. But from the sounds of it, nothing has changed other then maybe a small graphic update?

All in all, through the whole game you can switch out Donald and Goofy with the world’s main character or you can stay with Donald and Goofy the whole way to a point. Of course there are points in some worlds where you need that worlds hero, but other then that, do what makes you happiest in the game. I switch back and forth. One world, depending on how that hero fights, I would switch that hero with their corresponding friend. Like with Aladdin I switch him with Goofy. or Ariel with Donald since she does magic. For the most part, your friends keep up in level with you.

No one world is any harder then the last, unless you have the difficulty turned up. I would recommend this game for all ages, even young gamers. This version of the game can be turned down to be really easy, or turned up for older gamers for more of a challenge. So for the game as a whole, its a wholesome game. has disney characters you know and love, that you can share with your children that they will beg you to play so they can watch. They will even point things out to you that you didn’t even see. and ask what the different heartless do and what they look like and so forth. My kids love kingdom hearts. Its a game we can all share because they LOVE it.

So start up a game, pull up a few chairs, crank up the sound and lets find the princesses of the disney world! because they need to be saved and you need to lock those key holes!