Hello and welcome to another blog post by Stardrifter. The game for this blog will be Final Fantasy XV.

Many things can be said positively and negatively about FFXV however with this post, other then the MAJOR cliff hanger at the end, I will be writing mostly positively. I really did enjoy the game. I liked the different aspects of the game, the open world, the natural flow of the story and the ability to NOT follow the story line. Most of what I enjoyed about the game is the choices you could make, however this game is in no way comparable in the outcome like Dragon age. Everything you do still leads to the same ending, which in all honesty, I am totally fine with. I still would have like to have had the chance to change a few minor things, but that is neither here nor there. The story played out as it should and at least with the character side stories some of our questions are answered. Speaking of character side stories, I have not played Episode Gladio or Prompto yet. Episode Ignis is to be released mid October along with a multi-player pack. There is also news of more story content being released all the way into summer of 2018 with a second season pass to buy in order to have complete access to it, otherwise your buying them individually. These are things I’ve read from a page called Final Fantasy Peasants.  Although some members don’t like FFXV, some do and they dedicate their time searching and translating Japanese news from the internet for all of us. So I would like to give a HUGE shout out and an even bigger thank you again to those people who have done this.

So if we go back to the very beginning, and download the demo version, you can actually name Carbuncle. This picture is actually from the moogle/chocobo event. But Carbuncle takes you across a dream of the prince’s and shows you around. All the gods and goddess show up in the dream space, if you look close enough. I remember only seeing Leviathan myself. As you move along he shows you around and how to move and use the magic there. Once this is done you can import all the data into the actual game. It is kinda worth it in my opinion only because you get to customize your game just that much more.


Regardless of the difficulty you have your game set at, the little carbuncle will show up throughout the game and special events. He shows up everywhere. In dungeons, in the open world, half way sticking out of rocks, everywhere. your only que for him is when Noctis says something. When Noctis does and you don’t see carbuncle, that means he’s probably standing in a rock or behind someone. I tried to save all the good quality pictures of Carbuncle I could. If you have the game setting on easy mode, Carbuncle will pop out and heal the party once and revive anyone that is laying on the ground before disappearing again. Carbuncle is and is not a small astral in his own right. But not the same status as Shive or Bahamut for sure.

The beginning of the game you are actually just learning how to walk. all you are faced with is a massive humanoid sitting in font of you with the guys saying take cover. During the huge flash out, you come to stand before your father. The scene plays out and you find yourself shortly after with a broke down rig on the side of the road with Gladio barking at you to get up and push the vehicle. Once you get to Hammerhead, the real fun begins.

You get to customize your vehicle and then move into the fun of the game. As you progress through the story, Orange markers are the main story line quests while blue are side quests. Any question marks are usually side quests. Eventually you get to pick up hunt marks, which I would suggest doing. I have a method where I go down the list and go to each safe haven, then to the cafe and see what I can sign up for. These hunts in turn let you make a lot of money, but give you weapons and items in the long run. By the time I was half way through the game I was hovering between level 43 and 45. Here is a small trick I also found. Once you hit chapter 9, go to the station. Go bid on monster teams until you’ve accumulated about 3.6 million medals and get the top prize, a magicked engine core. This core gets installed on your vehicle and at this point of the game, you can also call on umbra so now you can go back to past Hammerhead and have Cidney install it. Make sure you also have those Royal City headlights installed, to get this quest you have to finish all the quests given to you by Cidney as well. When this is finished, make sure you have the AP point thing for long car rides, have Noct drive and put the car on manual. Put your controller onto a charger, stick a piece of paper in the R2 trigger and off you go. Unlimited AP and you can sleep on it. Works with the EXP too, but you only get 10 Exp a tick… So I honestly don’t think its worth it. Yes I have tried it, no its not a glitch. Its legit still there. The magicked engine thing even says it takes the fun out of driving. At least you don’t need to worry about stopping for gas anymore. My only advise on the monster teams, never bet on the Crab unless its just the crab and two other monsters…… Tusk til dawn is always really good unless its dark then your Ronin deamon or Empty heart will always win. its very rare that deamons loose. Eventually you get the feel of which monster teams work best for you. If you want to switch up your teams, then you can leave the statium and come back. The courel was my next one I almost always bid on. Even though the damn cat sat on the side lines.

Over all I really did enjoy the game. After your first trip to the chocobo farms, Gentiana starts to show up in pictures. Some can get kinda creepy.

that one with Noct runnin away….. yea her head is NOT on her shoulders….. I don’t even know how that happened.

Over all the game play is awesome. The story leading into about chapter 13 is great. The character development is the best kind there is, although Noctis seems to not have much until towards the end. Truthfully I would have thought that some of the choices you made would have changed his responses to some things a bit, but it doesn’t seem to. The interactions with the other minor characters is really good too. I enjoyed the small stories they offered. The quests and lore behind everything was really thought out. But when you get towards the end is when everything just kinda falls off a cliff. Your giving a short and sweet run down of what everyone has been doing the last 10 years then that’s it. Nothing. So personally I’m really hoping that the next set of updates are not just about the Astrals and the war they had. But more about what happened to everyone in between. Like where exactly did Dino go? I made it a point to finish all his quests. Where is Holly? and some of your other friends you made along the way. Apparently you can make 14 friends. I made 12. What exactly happened to everyone after Noctis and the ring disappeared? Leaving questions like this unanswered on a game that people put so much into is really heart breaking. I believe this is why so many players are mad. You spend so much time invested in a game, myself over 130 hours. Just to be left with no real closure. Now don’t get me wrong, we have wonderful artists out there, people with magnificent theories and other things, but the only true answer can come from Square Enix and the developers.

Even if this is an attempt at a money grab here are two thoughts about it. One, they only finished half the game because they didn’t want to continue work on a game that would flop and not go anywhere. Two, they ran out of funds. Making high quality games that run like this with the best graphics and computer animation is not cheap. and the people who are qualified for this are hard to come by. The amount of schooling for this kind of this isn’t easy either. In 2005, the Art institute of Phoenix had a price tag of $85,000 for a Bachelors degree in Game art and Design. $85 grand… just to get a Bachelors… That doesn’t even count a place to stay, the food you need to survive, the art supplies you’d need, a computer to have at home. That’s just the course and the ability to use their equipment. God only knows what it is now. And that was for three years. Yes I know this because that was my plan, which didn’t go anywhere. So imagine what it must have really cost to make a game like this? we pay $60 on the low end for the base. Some games do $100 for a bundle of everything, season pass, extra content so on and so on. So just a little food for thought.

The next game I will be playing is Assassin’s Creed. The first game, not any of the other installments. I got the Xbox One up and running with it and I honestly never thought the graphics could be THAT good. I’m pretty excited so I really hope you all are too. I’ll be doing some things here and there, but there is also a Halloween even coming up in FFXIV! I’m sooo all about Hallow’s Eve! If you all ever decide to join anyone, There is the Final Fantasy Peasants who are over on Moogle and I am hanging around on Hyperion! Come join us, we are always lookin for new people to play with!!