Two week ago, I went to watch the Harry Potter related movie with my Harry Potter fan Girlfriend. The start of the movie filled both of us with anticipation as the main character, Newt Scamander, is introduced with a suspicious suitcase. Upon Newt’s suitcase raised the security guard’s curiosity, the security guard checks the suitcase after Newt flips a switch with the word Muggle Alert being revealed to the audience. Low and behold, the suitcase looks normal and Newt proceeds on to New York. Fast forward, as there are two different stories going on in the movie, there are lots of action and magical elements that is enjoyed in the movie. With the ending coming with a surprise, we are suspecting that there will be another movie to go along with Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them.

The Movie is filled with various reference to the Harry Potter world. Though I am not a heavy Harry Potter fan, I do recognized some of the references. There are reference to Hogwarts and Dumbledore as well as various mythical creatures. As the movie is set in America and not Great Britan, we get to see the difference between the two countries such as the Western Magis can NOT marry non-magis while the Eastern Magis can marry non-magis. Most of the time in the movie, all the magis display that they can cast magic without incantations; being the hardest type of magic to perform. There are a few spell incantations that are recited but most of the time there are no spells recited.

I highly recommend watching the movie, Harry Potter fan or not. As the movie is a stand alone movie, you can enjoy Fantastic Beast for what it is. With the amount of impressive CG mythical creatures, it is enjoyable to see what they are in the Magi World. I also love the time setting in the movie as it is my favorite style of clothings that I would wear. The movie is most definitly a 6 scoop on the Nincompoop Scoop.