I truly believe I was born a Trekkie, but I don’t know how possible that is. I have been a fan of the franchise, specifically Spock, for as long as I can remember. My favorite episode of the show was always Trouble with Tribbles, but I will save that for a later day!

My uncle is the one to really help me love Star Trek even more; his obsession far surpasses mine. Seeing Star Trek Beyond in theaters, was a gift from him! (Thank You!)

The movie has about a 2 hour run-time, but that is not including the 15 minutes of previews before it even begins. And although RunPee has saved my bladder in the past, this movie just has no good times to leave, so go during the previews…you will thank me later.

Cinematically, this movie is an absolute beauty, definitely worth seeing in theaters! Although there were a few times that I struggled to follow some action, overall it was well paced. You have humor (a lot of it is conversational), captivating combat, and a killer soundtrack (complete with classical music!) The new characters are brilliant, but don’t outshine our main crew; which I greatly appreciated. Just when you think you have got things figured out though, BAM, plot twist!

It is hard for me to go into more detail, without releasing spoilers, so I will leave it with this! Go to the theater to see it! It’s worth it! We went to see it before noon, so we were able to get cheap tickets.

I give it ★★★, perfect for everyone!



Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at a non-spoiler review. Over time, I hope to get better at talking more about movies, without giving anything away, so that they may be longer!