Author: Alisa Thomason

The first ending of Dragon Age: Inquisition

I begin this game several times. Over and over I started it and once I was satisfied with one romance, I started a new game for a new experience.  One thing I didn’t like too terribly much was the ending with Solas’ romanced. It litterly just hangs there. I mean, he just up and “poof!” Gone. There really is no end to that part of the story. At least not one I’ve seen yet. Kinda sucks really, I mean one second y’all get into a moment where you know he really does treasure your character as much as you...

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The Astrologian way

Hello everyone. This is my first post as part of the team (yay!). My first look at games shall be from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion job class, Astrologian. I’ve only recently begun working on Astrologian. It is of the healing class type. So, many healers already know what to do when it came out. I, myself, worked on White Mage first so that I knew how the games healing system and aggro tables worked. With a maxed out healing class under my belt, I believe having the cross class skill of Swift cast is also needed....

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