Author: Lester Vallado

Suicide Squad

A few weeks ago, I watched “Suicide Squad” with my girlfriend. We both fairly enjoyed the movie. The villains they had, all of their interactions with one another, jokes, and the small backstory on each character. However, there were a few things I did not like about the movie. the number one thing that bugged me the most was unproportionate Killer Croc. Killer Croc was a large villain with bulging mucles; but in the movie, he has a big head with a large torso and tiny arms. I get they tried to get a close enough actor for Killer...

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Lester’s Card Pick in Cardfight! Vanguard

Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon This is by far the best FIRST stride all Shadow Paladin players should stride. This card literally says “I add 5 card for no reason”. In case you’re worrying about the cost, the cost is completely cheap!!! “But I need to retire 2 units…” is what most players whine about, but you know what “EFF YOU! YOU CAN GRAB OR PLAY A CARD THAT IS A COST 2 RETIRE!!!” Aurageyser Dragon is way better than his second form save it does the same of adding 5 cards to your hand for no reason but...

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Upcoming New Exra Booster for Cardfight! Vanguard

  This new extra booster will be feature clan specific¬† support for Megacolony, Murakumo, and Great Nature. If you play any of these clans then this is a booster for you to look into. Also, each of the named clan gained their clan keyword. Great Nature’s keyword is “Success” where if a unit on your field reaches a certain attack power, it becomes successful and is able to perform their skills. Murakumo’s keyword is “Shadowstitch” which plays in favor if any of the units attack did not hit the opponent’s Vanguard, they are able to pay the cost stated...

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