Author: Jarrod Lemon

An Angry Guy talks about WrestleMania!

Okay so I haven’t done this in a long time. I don’t think I’ve blogged since November. But have no fear, it’s the biggest week of the year for wrestling fans, so I decided I should pop in and say hello.  Given that I’m the wrestling writer for this site, I suppose I should say a few words. But my life has changed much since last we spoke and my attitude is not a pleasant one, not when it comes to wrestling. So let’s try this! WELCOME TO THE ANGRY GUY WRESTLEMANIA PREVEIW Let’s jump straight into it. The...

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TL;DR When does wrestling become more?

So I was walking around downtown the other week and I ran into an old friend. Let’s call him Patrick, mainly because his name is Patrick.This is someone who I grew up with, was my best friend for most of my life up until a few years ago when I made some questionable calls and got all wrapped up in my head burning bridges. Anywho, Patrick just instantly started asking me about wrestling and how I thought the outcome of the C.M. Punk UFC fight would turn out. But it got thinking, when does wrestling become more then wrestling?...

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A very special TL;DR Raw

So there we were. We woke up late, mostly because my son actually slept in a little bit but hey, 7 A.M. is sleeping late when your toddler always wakes up at 5. So our plan was, leave home about noon, get to Kansas City by 2, get to the Sprint Center by 430. Here’s what actually happened. Wake up and out of excitement, pack for the night and rush out the door at 10:30. Get to KC right after Noon. Sit around in an excited stupor for 3 hours. Leave for Sprint Center at 3:45. Get to Sprint Center at 4. Stand and wait in line until 5:30. In retrospect, not the smartest plan, but it was my wife’s first trip to a wrestling show and so I wanted to make sure she got the true experience. It wouldn’t have been super bad if the weather had stuck to the same pattern it had been but no, of course it had to be 90 some degrees with no damn clouds. Anywho, lets go on a picture story via Slideshow!! Here’s a slideshow! The show started with a segment between the Raw bosses, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins. After that, was Charlotte vs. Bayley with my girl Bayley getting the win. Then came Bo Dallas vs. a Jobber and Bo is still doing the Bo-Leive thing but with a...

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TL;DR Check up

  So here we are. Two weeks removed from Summerslam and one week past crowning a new Champion on Raw. I suppose you all have been wondering, “man, is that good looking married guy ever going to post again about wrestling?!” Well fear not, my fellow Nincompoops, my son is asleep, wrestling isn’t on right now, and I’ve drank some brewski’s so let’s go on and waste each others time! What is going on in the world of WWE?!? Let’s rewind real fast back to the important stuff that happened at Summerslam. Sheamus beat Cesaro in the first of...

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TL;DR Raw Review 8/8/16

On September 5th, at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, You will be able to see my beautiful wife and I standing in the crowd, wearing our super sweet Certified G shirts…on Raw! Yup yup, we will be at that show! Go us! On this weeks Raw! We get Enzo and Cass/Jeric-Ko promos. A Jericho vs. Enzo match, Braun Strowman destroying some random dude, Titus vs. Darren pt. 2, Seth Rollins calling Finn Balor, Finn Balor retorting, Sheamus vs. Cesaro pt. 2, Dudley Boyz vs. Neville and a mystery partner, Rusev and Lana celebrating their wedding with Roman Reigns...

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