Author: Kevin Dobson Jr.

The King has Returned!

The ape escapes on big screen March 10th! You probably thought my first blog in a while would be about Logan, but we all know Old Man Logan is a badass! That’s an easy one to review and here it goes: It’s going to be effing EPIC!!!!! Okay so now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the big guy here. There’s a reason why I wanted to write this blog, and to be honest Peter Jackson’s King Kong led me to this day, not that it was a bad movie it’s just how it was too much like the original. I mean it’s just not enough anymore to slap some lipstick on a beast and all of a sudden she becomes a runway model. It just doesn’t work that way! Visually outstanding, well acted, and that’s about the extent of the positive from me. The negatives being too long, too slow, and too much deja vu. I have wanted a more action oriented Kong for as long as I can remember, my favorites being the 1976 remake with Jeff Bridges and the 1986 Kong Lives with Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor herself). Obviously I have been waiting for the Kong that looks good but, has some brains as well and it looks like we are about to finally get that thanks to Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Legendary Entertainment.   Set in...

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The Universe of Final Fantasy XV

(TO WATCH THE VIDEOS OR GO TO THE WEBSITES YOU WILL HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE THEM INTO YOUR BROWSER AS WE HAD ISSUES ADDING VIDEO MEDIA AT THIS TIME) Square Enix is doing about the smartest thing possible. It’s building a universe not unlike what they did with Final Fantasy VII. FFVII saw a prequel game in Crises Core, a CG film Final Fantasy Advent Children, a shooter Dirge of Cerberus, and several other titles. The reason VII is so beloved is because there was so much to love.  Now Final Fantasy is doing it all over again...

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On a Mission!

What’s up guys? Just a quick little post in regards to the Nincompoop Scoop, big things are happening folks! We will now be doing updates sporadically through blog posts and individual content, we will also be sharing our webpage here very soon! I want to thank everyone who has already came along for the ride, and I want you to know since you have been here since the beginning y’all will get some awesome opportunities in regards to upcoming drawings! Keep your eyes open and make sure you share the page, the more people that we get signed up...

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