At just 33 years old I didn’t get to experience the original trilogy in all of it’s cinematic glory, though I did get to be very disappointed while experiencing the prequel trilogy in theater. Now I say that but, there is a lot to like in the prequels even with some of the bad, but as Star Wars: The Force Awakens stated, “THIS WILL BEGIN TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT.” 

In my mind it’s completely obvious that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the prequel that all of us fans wanted from the get go. Gary Whitta recently appeared on the Game Over Greggy show over at Kinda Funny Games where he stated, “Rogue One is the most expensive fan film ever made!” While also comparing it in part to Saving Private Ryan. Which very well could be what makes Rogue One my favorite Star Wars story yet. Call me a REBEL or a ROGUE I can care less, I liked it better than Empire! Yes I like it better than Empire Strikes Back, but I was also one of the few that thought New Hope was the best Star Wars film with Empire falling second. Now it drops down to the 3rd spot!


I am trying my best not to give anything away, but by this point I imagine every single person in this country has seen the movie. If you haven’t this is the last line of this blog entry that will be spoiler free! Alright now that you’ve been warned I wanted to tell you exactly why Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie of them all!

  1. The cast of characters rival every other Star Wars movie up to this point Jyn, Cassian K-2SO, Chirrut Imwe, Baze all on par with Han, Chewy, Luke, and Rey! I could go on and on but, I don’t have to if you’ve seen the movie you know exactly what I mean!
  2. It’s a great war story (SPOILER) one that I believe is on par with one of the best war movies of all time Saving Private Ryan. I had to go into the movie and tell myself that any character I get attached to is most likely going to die. A story that can keep you involved even though death is imminent, makes for a great movie. Even in horror movies you get one survivor to fall in love with (there are a few exceptions to this rule obviously) that will live into a sequel.
  3. Even though I knew from the get go that these characters would meet their demise, I was still able to get attached to them.  And at the end I still got goosebumps  knowing that the characters I loved, made a huge difference in the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi!
  4. They got the humor right in this one! What do I mean by that? Well let’s take a look back at one of the greatest  most unlikable characters from the prequels in Jar Jar Binks. They tried really hard to infuse humor into the movies by adding that goofball but, it just wasn’t the success it should have been. K-2SO fixes that as a sarcastic, smug, and weary droid not afraid of being savage in the least! One of my favorite scenes in the movie happens as K-2SO slaps Cassian in the face while trying to “prove” his allegiance to the Empire, to try and help Cassian and Jyn get away from a gaggle of Storm-troopers! 
  5. The ending battle sequence is incredible. Reminiscent of Return of the Jedi we get to see a battle taking place on the ground, in the air, and the vacuum of space. It’s not an easy task to do and very few movies come close to getting it right. Star Wars has gotten it right twice now, and it’s just stunningly beautiful! While we are losing our posse on the ground, red & gold team are in space attempting to destroy a shield, and blue leader is lost in the skies… Even though we experience loss, they go out in a blaze of glory leading to the opening sequence of A New Hope!


It’s not only the best Star Wars movie ever created in my mind, it’s easily one of if not my favorite movie of all time! I’m a sucker for a good war story and Rogue One will go down in the annuls as one of the best war movies ever written. Thank you to Garreth, Gary, and all the other members of the Rogue One team for giving me the experience of what I can only imagine Star Wars: A New Hope brought in 77!

To all of you wondering if this movie is worth watching, stop wasting time, get out and enjoy the hell out of it. Not only is it worth seeing, it’s worth watching more than one time! Now get off your ass and head to your nearest theater! I kept the spoilers to a minimum just for you, go on, get, see-ya! Thanks again to all those who created this incredible movie, thanks for making my intense love for Star Wars explode in ecstasy. Never knew it to be a possibility, but my love is now ten fold!