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1991 was a great year!

It was the year that Right Said Fred first sang I’m Too Sexy.
It was the year that “browsing the web” became possible.
It was the year that the blue rose was genetically engineered.
It was the year that Disney released the classic animation, Beauty and the Beast!
AND, it was the year that I was born!

Yep! It was a GREAT year!

Since I was born, or as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. It is something deeper than just liking the movie, my mom said that, when I was little, I would sit and watch the movie back to back, with never growing bored of it.

While the other disney princess are great (Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, etc.), I didn’t look like them, or relate to them in any way. Belle was different! She had dark hair; like me! Hazel/brown eyes; closer to my eye color! And she was smart and loved to read, me too! She is seen as an outcast, when all she wants to do is live her life and be kind to everyone. I found this to be so inspiring! The fact that it came out in 1991, the year I was born, makes it even more special for me! [Sidenote: my sister was born in 1994, which is the year Lion King came out, and that is her favorite Disney movie!]

A picture of me with my natural brown hair next to the animated Belle.

You might be thinking, ask any little girl who has seen Frozen how many times they could watch it in a day, but it was different I tell you. Frozen is a good movie, but I am not captivated by it at all. The songs are catchy, and I can listen to them on repeat, but that’s it. The movie hardly holds my attention. To this day, the Beauty and the Beast still does.

I say all this because I want you to understand where my review comes from. Also to understand my connection with this movie, I would like to add that I attended a Thursday night showing, by myself, despite having social anxiety. This was a huge thing for me!

Okay. Let me get into it!

First off, the opening is similar, but so much better. We finally learn more about he prince, I will leave it at that. There is also new music right off the bat as well! The scene is incredible!

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Then we get to the “opening song” that anyone who has seen the animation knows all too well, Belle! This is also when we get to hear Emma sing in the movie for the first time. She did fantastic! I loved her rendition of the song so much! I will say, it may have been the theater I was in, but it did sound a little too autotuned; however, when I listen to the soundtrack, I don’t hear what I had heard that night.

Little by little we get introduced to each of the characters, all of whom are brought to life so perfectly. My eyes become glued to the screen the further we get into Belle’s story.Β The story is the same for the most part, with some details filled in, such as about the Beast’s past, Belle’s mother, and even some more details about Gaston.

My favorite character, by far, is actually the Beast! He is so much more warm and relatable right off the back, and isn’t as scary to me. They did such a great job of adapting his look for live action, as well!

I was so glad that I had got up the courage to see it Thursday night! I would have been so upset with myself if I hadn’t, knowing full well that there were plenty of seats available, and I could afford the ticket. I am also glad that I went by myself, and plan to attend more movies by myself in the future. I was truly able to escape into the world that Disney created, and even sang the songs softly aloud, which I would have never done with someone sitting next to me. Okay, I may have, but as soon as some one noticed, I would have shut up and gotten anxious.

I definitelyΒ believe that EVERYONE should go see this movie!