I know its been a while since I’ve been able to make a post to ya’ll and I sincerely apologize. A lot has been going on around here, first and foremost has been the ending of school. What a hectic week. But now it is all done and over with and here is a shout out toΒ SUMMER VACATION!!!! But for me though that may mean a bit more game play time, that also means, I will have more house cleaning to do. *sigh* Oh well. I should be able to make more weekly posts at least *smiles*

Over the last week however (though the process was slow, thank god for the switches sleep mode.) I was able to take on and finish Divine Beast Vah Rudania. I was proud because I was able to figure it out without a guide. ^.^ My husband had a harder time finishing then I did, but we both where able to complete Rudania pretty easily. I believe it was the easiest of the four Divine Beasts to complete. Though getting there is not the easiest. Rudania is in the middle of the biggest volcano on the map… which means you have to concocted a potion that gives the drinker fire resistance and along the way, either avoid or defeat a molten rock monster….. so bring enough ice arrows.

This beast is not covered in monsters as its the most covered in corruptions that I’ve had to deal with yet. And not like, covered in puddles, more like, “its watching me” eye balls everywhere. Its that creepy sound you hear following you it seems everywhere, so what for the yellow glow. Also, BURN EVERYTHING YOU CAN BURN IN SITE! but of course its dark inside so you can’t really see anything at first. So your gonna bump into a lot of walls and if it was real life, you’d probably be a real clutz like me and stub your toes on everything too. But I don’t need it dark in a room to do that on a daily basis. Once you get the map, everything lights up, and Rudania only turns back and forth from its side. so its a simple task to finish off the terminals and get to the big terminal to cleanse it. The boss is pretty simple to defeat and once you do this, you get to meet Daruk!

Truthfully I believe in the whole game, Champion Daruk is the only one indicated that he had a family. When I saw his statue int he village and saw his descendant and his history I felt really bad. I mean sure, all the Champions had families, but Daruk had children and a wife and things to go home to. But it really does make you wonder. I mean, Urbosa must have been sent out to find a husband like the rest of her village, but did she? and what about Ravali? did he have a love interest at least? or was he too caught up in himself… Which I could see, seeing as we never ran into anyone else who had his skill of the gale winds. Of course we all know Mipha had a brother and a crush on Link. So it makes one wonder a bit.

But here is some fun to the game. you can change the saddle and the mane color of your horse! who knew!!

I mean I knew you could collect this stuff but I didn’t know you could change it. Outskirt horse stables and the girl to the right side will help you do this. It was a lot of fun! i like the yellow and red, but of course I’m more of a royal purple type of gal.

I still have at least the memories to find, because apparently after finding all of them you get a special 13th memory (my husband is currently holding this over my head…. what a pain) and all the shrines to finish. My recommendation for these parts, if you don’t wish to sit in front of a computer looking up all the awesome you tube vids (still recommend NintenU for the walkthroughs on his website or his you tube) or your tablet, is getting the book. Piggyback made an awesome walk-through once again. So I shall slowly plug away at what I can find and do.

On this note I may not make another BToW post for a while. Stormblood will have its early release in 7 days time. I am going to see if I can make a screen cap or vid cap of the first day release on my computer when I can log into it and capture my first day in game. ^.^ so look forward to it on our facebook page and our website!